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Tax season 2023 – Tax Day & Other Tax Deadlines

The Internal Revenue Service has announced that tax returns will be accepted beginning January 23, kicking off the 2023 tax season. Over 168 million returns are expected to be filed by April 18, according to the IRS.

Tax Credit vs Deduction : Difference and Comparison

In order to qualify for both tax deductions and credits, make sure you comply with IRS requirements.

IRS Form 1040: What It Is And How It Works

If you are a businessperson, self-employed, or an independent contractor, there are a number of details you need to keep in mind about Form 1040.

Where’s My Refund |How to Track the Status it

The fastest way to get your tax refund is to file electronically with direct deposit, according to the IRS. The agency is expected to refund your return at least 21 days after you file through an electronic medium.

IRS Tax Filing Season 2023 | things you need to Know

Tax season is here so mark up your calendars and make sure you don't miss any of these important dates this year.

What Documents do I Need to File Taxes ?

Filing taxes can overwhelm the best of us, especially when we’re not sure where to start. Preparing for tax season in advance is a great way to gradually ease into the process and having your documents handy can speed up the process to a large extent.

What is the penalty for not filing taxes?

If the IRS already owes you money and you haven’t filed a tax return yet to claim it, you should get right on it! The IRS only gives you three years to claim a tax refund.

Six late-filing tax mistakes to avoid

You may not believe it but filing late is pretty common. In fact, extensions are the norm for many investors who never get their K-1s. There’s no shame in filing your taxes late, all you need to do is get an extension. 

Need help with your taxes? Get a tax advisor

Before you make a decision on a tax advisor or a tax preparer, make sure to check their history and reputation in the industry.

Roth iras : all you need to know

Roth IRA states that people who are 59½ and older and have owned the account for at least 5 years can withdraw money without paying any federal taxes. You can contribute up to $6000 to your account and $7000 if you are 50 years or older.

What to Do With Tax Refund – Smart Ways

Tax Day is almost here. Have you filed your taxes yet? Filing your tax refunds is key to your financial planning. When it finally drops, there's so much you can do with it.

Last minute tax filing tips 2024

If you haven’t prepared to file your taxes yet, don’t panic. Here are a few tips to help you make that last-minute tax filing without stress.
child tax credit

Child Tax Credit: What to Do if You Missed the Deadline

The final child tax credit payments for the year will roll out this December 15. While the cutoff date to file for child tax credits was last month, you can still file for it next year. Here's details on the process.
tax filing extention

Tax Filing Extension 2023 – Things to remember

The month of April is when taxes are due in the United States. It's the month where you would find many filers doing whatever it takes to meet the deadline. However, if you've missed it and got a tax extension, now's the time to pay it.
IRS Letter

Did You Get an IRS Letter on a Change in Your Tax Amount?

Over 11 million letters have been sent out to taxpayers by the Internal Revenue Service, informing them that they will not be getting the actual refund they originally calculated or that they owe even more in taxes to the government

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