Memorial Day: 3 Money-Saving Strategies for the Weekend

While it’s tempting to splurge and not focus on the cost, these tips can help in preparation and save money during the holiday weekend.
Memorial Day: 3 Money-Saving Strategies for the Weekend

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Memorial Day is just around the corner but the sales are already here! *drum roll*

If you’re bored with counting down the hours until the Memorial Day weekend, we’ve got something to help you pass the time a little quicker. 

It’s easier than you think to save money on Memorial Day! While it’s tempting to splurge and not focus on the cost, a little bit of preparation can help you watch your wallet and save money during the holiday weekend. Here are three essential tips:

Make a List

As important as it is to make a list, ensure that you stick to it! Make a list of everything you might be interested in purchasing if they go on sale. Listing shopping needs when you’re in a cool frame of mind, tends to help you stay rational and not go over budget.

Moreover, it’s way more practical than creating a list on the day of the sale. In case the product you want isn’t on sale, restrain the need to impulse buy just to fill that shopping void.

Keep Your Options Open

Don’t fall for the popular Memorial Day slogan, “Everything is on sale”. Follow your usual tradition of looking for sale ads on newspapers and websites. Keep your options, browser tabs, and eyes open for the best deals.

Department stores, home improvement stores and travel agencies are what comprise Memorial Day sales. But the secrets of saving lie in the less visible and less obvious outlets like dollar stores.

And that is just for long-term products. In case you’re looking for products you’ll use for short-term purposes like toys, napkins, food and more, budget retailers will be an especially good fit for you.

Know Your Budget

Yes, a shopping spree on Memorial Day weekend is very exciting. You practically want to take home everything you see on sale, but set a limit for what you’re willing to spend over this holiday weekend.

There’s nothing like enjoying within your means. A budget can bridle potential impulse spending.

One weekend of shopping and impulsive buying isn’t worth putting yourself in financial difficulty. Only if the product is of real value to you, you should buy it.

 If you’re still finding it difficult to stick to the budget, try to change your payment strategy. You could always set aside a limited amount of money on your money apps because you won’t be able to spend a dime more than what is on those accounts. Think about it!


Memorial Day is a great time to spend time with friends and family. Last Memorial Day was definitely not a memorable one, with the pandemic, recession, and endless lockdowns. The only items on everyone’s shopping checklist were hand sanitizers, masks, and toilet paper.

But this holiday, we’re all up and about and set to celebrate in typical Memorial Day fashion, filled with sales on appliances, apparel and travel — plus a few other categories. While we remember to honor our fallen service members this weekend, we will also honor our budgets and shop with a little restraint because we’re big on saving.

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Shirlene Grace Isaac

Shirlene Grace Isaac

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