New Year resolutions to save money with little effort

Now, no more falling off the wagon! This year, we’re here to help you resolve to set your finances on the right track. Here are New Year resolutions that will help you easily save money.
New Year resolutions to save money with little effort
Everyone makes New Year's resolutions at the start of each year. Is it even a New Year without resolutions? Some of the resolutions help people grow personally while others are made to help people end up better financially.
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That is why we recommend smaller financial resolutions. Financial resolutions for the New Year, if taken step by step, consistently will lead to small changes you can make in your life that will save you money.

Don’t get us wrong, if you have the willpower go for the big ones, but small changes done over time will become a huge habit change. And then it’s all uphill from there. Make efforts to get back on track with your money and live a financially healthy life this 2022. Here are 7 ways you can develop doable financial resolutions for the New Year that can help you save money with little effort.

Save with Beem

Beem offers one of the best saving options out there. Start saving $5 or more for a rainy day with Beem and earn 0.5% savings bonus each year. The more you save. The more you earn. Along with that comes a host of benefits, including automated budgets, protection against overdraft fees and smart saving tips to help you ride into New Year with smart resolutions to save money.

The junk stops here

Go through old junk. Let’s be honest, we all have a lot of random junk sitting around that we don’t use. Instead of leaving them to take up space see if you can sell them and make a few extra bucks.

It might take some time to get sold, but there are high chances that it will get sold. Where do we sell them, you ask? Items can be posted on social media marketplaces, flea markets or if all else fails, try having a garage sale!

Budget, budget and budget

We know what you’re thinking right now, we’ve heard this enough. ‘It’s not as easy as it sounds, etc.!’ Doesn’t seem like it would save a lot of money. But you know what? It is a great way to save money. That is if you set up a budget and stick to it. If you’re a control this is a great way to let that side of you manifest, by telling each dollar where to go!

Write down every bill you have and how much each one is. This will help you understand how much of your money is going out. Allocate money for important things like the rent or utilities and then plan out your expenses for other necessities like basic clothing and gas. The next step is to divide what’s left into savings, sinking funds, and other categories specific to your needs.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time. It will take 3-4 months for someone new to budgeting to find their groove.

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Go the extra mile 

Have some extra cash in your piggy bank? Try using it to make extra payments on bills. This includes bills like your mortgage or car payments.

Pre-paying extra bills will let you have some months where you won’t have to worry about those bills. Calculate bills that have the greatest savings and pay extra towards them. It may seem like a large amount now, but it will pay off in the end.

Cook, don’t buy

Yes, eating out is super easy and convenient, but it can quickly add up. Making food and drinks at home, will save more money in the long run, take it from us. The big bonus is that homecooked meals will even be healthier. Score! Two resolutions in one.

We understand that time seems like a hurdle, but where there’s a will there’s a way to make it easier. For example, you could write out a meal plan, then buy and prep all the ingredients beforehand. That said and done, on a tired Wednesday night, you can throw everything together and just let it cook.

Lose those debts

A life without debt is a life with peace. You’re in control that also means you get to decide where your money goes as opposed to the majority of your income being sent to payments.

If you have a large amount of debt, I recommend focusing on the smallest debt. Throwing any money you can find at the smallest debt will get rid of it quickly.

The sooner you pay them off, the sooner you’ll have one less bill to worry about. But also bear in mind, some places have a penalty for paying early, so you want to make sure you see what those penalties are. 

If you’re behind on your bills, your resolution can be to get caught up with behind bills first before you do your extra debt payoff.

Go get ’em new skills

Make it a point to pick up a new skill that will help you financially and personally. Not only will you enjoy it but you will also make money using it. That’s a double score again.

We know, it might take time to get good enough to start making money, but practice makes perfect and you never know when the skill will come in handy. There are a ton of different skills out there, you will be able to easily find something that you enjoy and make money from.

Cut down non-necessities

Cutting down on non-necessities saves money. This can include things like a subscription service or a gym membership you don’t use. If you aren’t using it or you don’t need it, then don’t spend the money on it. It’s as simple as that. Meanwhile, here’s how you can set financial goals this year.

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