10 Thanksgiving traditions every American must follow this year


1. Thanksgiving marks a four-day weekend, encouraging travel for family and friend gatherings.

2. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan is a spectacular event with floats and giant balloons.

3. Turkey Trot, a morning run or walk often in costumes, is a popular Thanksgiving tradition.

4. Sharing a Thanksgiving meal, family-style or buffet, remains a core tradition for friends and family.

5. Desserts are a highlight, with pumpkin pie being a staple, alongside apple and pecan pies.

6. Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks, often marked by sharing gratitude during the meal.

7. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, kicks off holiday shopping with sales and discounts.

8. Volunteering at food banks, delivering meals or cleanup efforts are meaningful ways to give back.

9. Watching a football game with family is a deeply ingrained Thanksgiving tradition.

10. Picking out and decorating a Christmas tree together is a post-Thanksgiving tradition.

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