How to find free Thanksgiving dinners and turkeys this year


1. Find nearby food banks and pantries that ensure access to free Thanksgiving meals in your community.

2. Understand how food banks collaborate with local organizations, bringing support closer to your home.

3. Discover the importance of checking food bank schedules and signing up for Thanksgiving baskets.

4. Food banks typically offer free turkeys, Thanksgiving dinners, food boxes, and home delivery.

5. Food banks provide free turkeys and Thanksgiving dinners at local pantries or soup kitchens.

6. A typical Thanksgiving food box contains various items to create a festive meal.

7. Offer support beyond Thanksgiving with the network to help people access free food and groceries.

8. Give back by volunteering at food banks, donating food, and supporting organizations.

9. Spread the word. Share why it’s important to support families in need for a meaningful Thanksgiving.

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