Sesame Street: 10 surprising facts you didn't know about the show


1. Mr. Snuffleupagus looked different in his first appearance with creepy yellow eyes and a thinner body.

2. 4 First Ladies, including Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, appeared on Sesame Street.

3. Oscar the Grouch was once orange before he became the green, grumpy neighbor we know today.

4. Mississippi voted to ban ‘Sesame Street’ in 1970 due to its integrated cast, but later reversed the decision.

5. Bert has an identical twin named Bart, who briefly appeared in an episode in 1974.

6. The show was initially going to be named ‘123 Avenue B’, before settling on ‘Sesame Street’.

7. Over 500 celebrities, including Mindy Kaling and Alicia Keys, have appeared on the show since 1969.

8. ‘Sesame Street’ is aired in over 150 countries, with locally produced versions in more than 30 countries.

9. Elmo has been 3-½ years old since his "Elmo's World" segment, premiered in 1998.

10. Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch were both voiced by Caroll Spinney, who retired in October 2018 after nearly 50 years.

‘Sesame Street' has a net worth of $32-44M, with current earnings between $8-14M per year.

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