Why Home Depot's pre-lit Christmas Tree is going viral?


Home Depot has reintroduced its popular Pre-Lit LED Grand Duchess Balsam Fir Christmas Tree.

With over 3,000 branch tips, this product went viral on social media last year.

The tree, which gained significant attention on TikTok, is highly praised for its lifelike appearance.

The tree has been described as easy to set up with memory wire branches and quick-connect sections.

It features an impressive 2,250 to 4,200 pre-lit LED lights, which vary by model.

10 different light functions can be controlled via your smartphone, tablet, or remote control.

You can purchase this tree for $499 in the 9-foot size or $349 in the 7.5-foot version. 

There is also a 12-foot alternative available for $899.

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