Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth: How Much Money has Ronaldo Donated to Charity

Not only does Cristiano earn a lot, he also donates a lot of money as well. Coming from humble roots himself, he loves to give back to the community that has given him so much.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth: How Much Money has Ronaldo Donated to Charity
Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the best player on the planet, the greatest of all time, as many of his fans call him. He’s won everything there is to win in the footballing world, in multiple leagues and countries. Currently, he’s back playing for Manchester United, the club that made him famous when he was only 18.
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The legend from Portugal reportedly earns more than $150 million every year in salary and brand endorsements. The current net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo is $500 million. Do you know he’s involved in various charitable activities and donates millions every year to causes around the world? 

The phenomenonal Portuguese

At 36 years of age, the iconic legend still runs around and plays like he’s in his late twenties. The sporting world is in awe of his physical state and prowess at an age when most others would have already retired or would be in the process of retiring. 

Net worth$500 Million
Date of birthFebruary 5, 1985
Height6 ft (1.85 m)
ProfessionFootball player

There is no doubt that Cristiano‘s footballing achievements have brought him great wealth along with his trophies and accolades. He earned a reported net wage of GBP 500,000 ($671,572) per week while at Juventus.

And even though he has taken a pay cut to join Manchester United, he is still the highest earner in the English Premier League, reportedly taking home GBP 385,000 ($517,110) per week. And this is besides his brand endorsements! 

Cristiano Ronaldo and his net worth 

The Portuguese maestro was number 3 on the Forbes list of athletes who earned the most in 2021. With combined earnings of $170 million in 2021 alone, it is no surprise that Cristiano’s overall net worth is about $500 million. In 2020, he raked in $50 million through brand endorsements and around $70 million in salary, totaling $120 million for the year. 

He also signed a lifetime deal in 2016 with Nike that gets him $1 billion. This included a $100 million initial bonus. Cristiano is well on his way to earning $1 billion in career earnings with his yearly endorsements netting him around $150 million usually. 

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A philanthropist at heart 

Not only does Cristiano earn a lot, but he also donates a lot of money as well. Coming from humble roots himself, he looks to give back to the community that has given him so much. 

In 2012, Cristiano put up his Golden Boot award for auction. It went for 1.5 million euros and he donated the entire amount to charity, helping build schools in Gaza. He remains the only footballer to ever auction off his Golden Boot award, an award given to the top goalscorer in European football every year. 

In 2015, he donated more than $5 million in aid to relief activities in Nepal after an earthquake killed nearly 8,000 people. That year, Cristiano was named as the most charitable sportsperson in the world. The very next year, he gave away his entire bonus from winning the Champions League to charity. 

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cristiano ronaldo donation list

2023-12-05Earthquake victims in Syria and Turkey$350,000Plane loaded with care items (tents, food packages, medical supplies)
2023-09-20Make-A-Wish FoundationUndisclosedGranted wishes to multiple children
2023-03-03Portuguese hospitals during COVID-19 pandemic€1 millionFunded beds and ventilators
2022-01-07Nepalese earthquake relief effort€5 millionReported donation
2021-06-04Erik Ortiz Cruz (bone marrow transplant)€55,000Covered surgery costs
2019-12-17Portuguese cancer center€165,000Funding for research and treatment
2019-06-10Aveiro Hospital (Portugal)€120,000Pediatric oncology unit
2018-05-14Save the ChildrenUndisclosedLong-term partnership
2017-01-11UnicefUndisclosedGlobal ambassador
2016-01-18World VisionUndisclosedGlobal ambassador
2015-04-25Make-A-Wish FoundationUndisclosedGranted wish to Erik Ortiz Cruz (see above)
2015-02-10“7: The Ronaldo Series” campaign (UNICEF)UndisclosedRaised funds for children in need
2014-12-12Ebola virus outbreak in West AfricaUndisclosedSupported Red Cross efforts
2014-11-24UEFA Team of the Year bonus€100,000Donated to charities
2014-08-13Champions League win bonus€450,000Donated to charities
2013-10-242013 Ballon d’Or€530,000Donated to charities
2011-10-032011 European Golden Shoe€1.2 millionDonated to charities

Please note:

  • This table is not exhaustive and may not include all of Cristiano Ronaldo’s charitable donations.
  • The amounts listed are not always confirmed or officially disclosed.
  • Some donations are ongoing or long-term partnerships.

Giving from his earnings

In 2017, he auctioned off the award for being the best men’s footballer in the world, just like he did in 2012. All the funds from this auction went to the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

More recently in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he voluntarily accepted a salary cut from March to June to ease the burdens of the club. He even recommended his teammates donate half of their qualification bonuses from the Euro Championships to help aid Covid-19 relief efforts.

In addition to this, he donated about 1 million euros to various hospitals in Portugal to help them provide ventilators, beds and other related equipment. 

An ambassador for charities

Cristiano is an ambassador for charities such as Save the Children, World Vision, and UNICEF and regularly takes part in fund-raising drives on their behalf. In 2014, he distributed his bonuses from the Champion’s League title win to these three charities. 

Apart from this, there are various other donations that Cristiano has made over the years to multiple charitable causes and continues to do so. 

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What drives Cristiano to donate so much?

Cristiano Ronaldo came from very humble beginnings. His father was a gardener. He also worked as the equipment manager for a local football squad on a part-time basis. His mom was a cook. Growing up, he and his siblings shared a single room. 

Standing out from the rest of his family with his noticeable talent in football, Cristiano had a trial with the Portuguese club Sporting Lisbon in 2012. The trial was successful and the club signed him on. At 17, he made his debut for the club. In 2003, he was part of the Sporting Lisbon team that beat Manchester United.

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Giving back to the community

Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United back then, and the players were very impressed with Cristiano’s performance against them. The very next season, Cristiano signed for Manchester United. The rest as we all know it is history. 

Coming from a humble background, Cristiano knows what it feels like to grow up with less. That’s what probably makes him the generous philanthropist he is today. All his footballing prowess along with his nature of giving to those in need is what makes him the enigmatic figure he is today. No wonder Cristiano Ronaldo is using his net worth to help people.

Meanwhile, here’s how Lionel Messi and his net worth are on top of the charity leaderboard. For more net worth stories on celebrities doing their bit for the community, check out how Kanye West, Kobe Bryant and Taylor Swift are using their money for good.

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