5 reasons why you should try outdoor yoga

Outdoor yoga is fun enjoyable and has tons of benefits. Feeling the cool breeze, the beautiful scenery, the smell of nature and the warmth of the sun while you practice yoga can make you feel truly at peace.

September 30 2022 | Rachael Richard
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5 reasons why you should try outdoor yoga

One of the boons of yoga is that you can do it anywhere, but there are perks to doing it outside. Performing yoga in nature is more beneficial as it enhances your practice in a completely different way than doing it in the studio. As the temperature is settling down and the weather outside is relaxing, why don’t you step out and have a little fun outdoors?

Two best outdoor yoga practices are Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga. The former is one of the best and most popular types of yoga, while the latter offers less rigorous options for people seeking a moderate approach. Outdoor yoga has a lot of health benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Being one with nature

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Sitting in front of our laptops, attending calls and being busy at home and at the workplace can affect our health. Take a break and spend time with nature. This can boost your body. It can relieve stress, make you more comfortable and help you feel refreshed. Performing yoga outdoors makes you better grounded with nature. The serenity of nature helps your mind stay calm and at peace.

2. Builds your stamina

Practicing yoga outdoors requires discipline and strength. With an uneven platform, there is a need to maintain body balance. The ground can be rough, bumpy and imbalanced, but helping your body to cope with this can help you build stability and stamina. Stimulation is stipulated while touching grass or a sandy beach. With an uneven surface, there is engagement and strengthening of the core. Walking barefoot stretches muscles in your feet. A study claims that when there is physical touch between the earth and the human body, there is a transmission of electrons. These electrons are effective in pain reduction and creating hormonal balance.

3. Enhances confidence

Practicing yoga outdoors can make you feel a little self-conscious. You will be watched by people passing by or kids playing in the park. This can be intimidating. But stepping out of your comfort zone and not being bothered about who's watching you or what their views are will help you build confidence in what you do. Just go carefree. While practicing yoga outdoors you train your mind to concentrate on your inner self amid the distractions from the outside world.

4. Soak in the sun

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Vitamin D is the most important and naturally available vitamin that is needed for our body and we get it from the Sun. It plays a critical role in absorbing calcium and supports the health of our bones. Feeling weak and having a poorly formed structure are signs of vitamin D deficiency. Sometimes lack of Vitamin D can lead to heart disease and various types of cancer. Why take chances? Bask in the Sun and do yoga. You get your vitamin D as well as good exercise.

5. You meditate better

Meditation is the main factor in yoga. It helps you clear your mind. Yoga instructors ask their students to pick up signs around them and blend them in tuning their breathing rhythm. This helps soak in the environment and enhance your presence of mind. In studios, it can be a little easy to wade off distractions and just focus on your breathing motions. But outdoor yoga can be challenging. Performing yoga amid distractive sounds like the birds chirping, leaves rustling, people honking and other sounds will help you focus and tune your body. Meditating in such an environment can be interesting and help you practice yoga better.

All these benefits add wellness to your health. So, grab your mats and go gaga with yoga.

Author - Rachael Richard

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