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BFF Budget Planner - The Better Financial Feed ™


Spend, save, plan and protect your money like an expert with on-point financial insights and recommendations.

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Avoid Overdrafts
and Bank fees

Get alerts in advance based on your transactions, account balance, upcoming bills and spending habits.
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Know how your spends impact you

Get insights on where to cut costs and where you can spend or invest more with your personalized Budget Planner.

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Stay on top of upcoming bills

Get timely alerts and manage all your payments in one place.

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Save, earn, and grow more with expert tips

Get recommendations to unlock rewards, earn cashback, build credit score, avail offers and save more with your BFF.
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    What do I need to get started with Better Financial Feed™?

    What are the charges for using the Feed?

    Do I have to plan and create a budget?

    Will my bills and subscriptions get auto-paid by Beem?

    How can I use the budget planner?


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