Apps like Cleo – 7 Best Cleo Alternatives in 2024

Explore new financial solutions with applications like Cleo, which are meant to transform money management. Let us unlock more of its conveniences and flexibilities.
Apps like Cleo
Apps like Cleo – 7 Best Cleo Alternatives in 2024
Apps like Cleo take a new approach to money management, providing unique features and benefits. This detailed article guides you through the various alternative financial options.
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Using cutting-edge methods in financial management and AI-based insights, Cleo has become a popular choice among users seeking assistance in budgeting, saving, and managing expenses. However, several other apps offer similar functionalities and features, catering to diverse financial needs. Let’s delve into some notable apps like cleo and explore their essential aspects.

Apps like Cleo – 7 Best Cleo Alternatives for you

Apps like cleo

Exploring Similar Financial Apps like Cleo Unveils Diverse Tools Redefining Money Management on Mobile Platforms.

BeemBest Alternative to Instant cash, budgeting tools, High Yield Savings Account, Free Tax Filing, Car Insurances, Personal Loans and Much moreCompetitive interest rates, robust user community, diverse loan options
Chime SpotMeNo-fee overdraft protection up to $200 on Chime checking accounts. No fees, easy qualificationLimited overdraft coverage, requires Chime account
AlbertAdvances up to $250, multiple advances per pay period possible. Flexible advances, no fees on basic usageAutomatic 30-day Genius trial can lead to unexpected charges
BrigitUp to $250 advance with optional instant delivery for a fee. Credit building tools offered. Instant delivery option, credit building featuresMonthly subscription fee ($9.99)
MoneyLion InstacashAdvances up to $500. No standard monthly fee, but optional paid plans exist. Potentially high advance amounts, no required membership Instant delivery fees, variable limits
Possible FinanceShort-term installment loans of up to $500 with credit reporting potential. Possible credit building High fees (up to 460% APR), loans instead of advances
B9Advances up to 100% of earnings. Accepts ITIN. Large advance potential, bilingual support Expensive monthly memberships ($9.99 or $19.99), limited reviews

1. Beem

trybeemapp logo

Beem, a versatile wallet app, offers cash advances, tax filing, and credit monitoring. Its Everdraft feature, the best #1 alternative for an instant cash advance for sudden financial emergencies.

Sending Limits

Beem’s Everdraft™ enables $5 to $1,000 instant cash without income restrictions, tips, interest, or credit checks.

Data Security

Beem prioritizes user privacy, securing data akin to banks and protecting deposits through partner safeguards.

2. Brigit

apps like cleo - brigit

Brigit provides borrowing of up to $250 without credit checks, offering adaptable repayment options and a credit-building feature.


  • Adaptable repayment schedule
  • Complimentary extension for repayment
  • Credit-building functionality


  • Standard delivery takes 1-3 days.
  • Users noted fluctuations in maximum loan amounts.
  • Subscription fees are considerably high.

Sending Limits

Brigit offers borrowing up to $250 with immediate delivery in 20 minutes for a charge.

Data Security

Brigit prioritizes user privacy and financial wellness by ensuring data security, offering flexible repayment choices, and a credit-building feature.

3. Chime

apps like cleo - chime

Chime detects overdrafts up to $200 free of charge, catering to users’ financial needs without credit checks, yet some criteria limit accessibility.


  • Zero monthly charges
  • No need for credit checks
  • Instant identification of overdrafts


  • Requires a Chime debit card
  • Mandates a deposit of $200 for qualification

Sending Limits

Chime detects overdrafts up to $200 instantly, accessible for cardholders.

Data Security

Chime prioritizes data security, offering instant overdraft detection for accessibility.

4. Dave

apps like cleo - dave

Dave permits advances ranging from $25 to $500, offering a modest $1 subscription fee, suitable for minor emergencies yet necessitates access to income and expenditure specifics.


  • Ideal for modest advances
  • Maximum advance limit of $500
  • Absence of penalties for late payments


  • Requires viewing income records and spending habits
  • Users expressed worries about fluctuations in maximum advance sums

Sending Limits

Dave offers $25 to $500 advances with flexible processing options.

Data Security

Dave prioritizes data security by accessing income and spending information to safeguard user confidentiality through protective measures.

5. Albert

apps like cleo - albert

Like Chime, Albert provides overdraft-free cash advances up to $250, with 2-3 days processing time, highlighting data security and financial inclusivity.


  • Voluntary debit card offering
  • Absence of credit verification
  • No interest fees


  • Longer standard delivery time
  • Limited availability of certain banking services.

Sending Limits

Albert provides cash advances up to $250, available within 2-3 days, with an expedited access option at an additional cost, ensuring financial availability.

Data Security

While offering cash advances and flexibility, Albert emphasizes the security and confidentiality of user data, prioritizing privacy measures during financial transactions.

6. Empower

apps like cleo - empower

Empower enables quick loans up to $250, processing within a day, providing cashback benefits with its debit card, albeit with an $8 subscription fee.


  • Loans are processed within 24 hours
  • No need for a subscription for cash advances
  • Debit card with cashback incentives


  • $8 charge for banking services subscription
  • Obtaining free cash advances involves emailing, posing a challenge for users.

Sending Limits

Empower offers loans up to $250 with rapid processing, ranging from 1 minute to 1 business day, ensuring prompt fund availability.

Data Security

Empower prioritizes expedited loan processing, data protection, and a cashback debit card, ensuring user information security in financial dealings.


apps like cleo - moneylion

MoneyLion, an all-inclusive mobile application, merges banking, investments, and credit-building loans and offers cash advances up to $500, with rapid Instacash access available to qualifying users.


  • Instacash grants swift access to $500.
  • Assortment of financial services available.
  • No need for credit verification.


  • Necessitates connected bank accounts.
  • Monthly membership fee of $19.99.

Sending Limits

MoneyLion allows advances up to $500 for standard users and up to $1,000 for members using additional app functions in increments of $100, with the choice of expedited funding fees.

Data Security

MoneyLion prioritizes secure transactions while advising users to assess privacy policies, fees, and requirements before subscribing to its services.

7. Earnin’

apps like cleo - earnin

Earnin allows withdrawals up to $750 each pay cycle, highlighting flexibility devoid of charges, interest, or the necessity for an additional debit card.


  • Withdrawals possible up to $750 per pay cycle
  • Absence of credit checks or interest fees
  • No requirement for an extra debit card


  • Necessitates validation of work timesheets
  • Tailored for consistent pay cycles, restricting applicability for freelancers

Sending Limits

Earnin permits daily cash-outs up to $100 and pay period withdrawals up to $750, processing within 1-2 banking days or quicker for an additional charge, ensuring versatility.

Data Security

Earnin prioritizes data security, utilizing bank accounts without charges and focusing on building trust during financial hardships through its cash-out functionalities.

8. Varo

apps like cleo - varo

Varo offers Cash Advances, Early Wage Access, and Transparent Account Services Without Monthly Fees or Hidden Charges for Account Holders.


  • Offers cash advances up to $250 (potentially $500 for long-standing customers).
  • Early access to wages, receiving paychecks two days earlier.
  • No monthly fees or hidden charges for Varo account services.


  • Cash advance fees range from $1.60 to $40, depending on the advance amount.
  • Qualification requires a minimum of $800 in direct deposits within the last month.

Sending Limits

Varo allows cash advances up to $250, potentially extending to $500 for eligible long-term customers, with fees varying based on the advance amount.

Data Security

Varo assures no hidden fees and maintains data security for its account holders, promising a transparent fee structure and safeguarding user information.

Pros and cons of using cleo apps?

Personalized AI assistantLimited service availability in some countries
Automatic savings with Cleo BoostMembership fee required for advanced features
Cash advance optionsNot a fully hands-on financial advisor
User-friendly interface and conversational AI
Strong security measures

Which Cleo Alternative Is Right for You?

Selecting the suitable apps like Cleo depends on individual financial needs and preferences. For those requiring immediate cash assistance during emergencies, apps like Beem or Earnin might be suitable.

Users seeking comprehensive financial management encompassing budgeting, savings, and investment options prefer apps like Albert or MoneyLion. Evaluate your financial goals, preferred features, and usability before choosing the most suitable alternative.

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While Cleo stands out for its AI-driven insights and financial management features, various alternatives offer comparable functionalities catering to diverse financial needs. 

Assessing sending limits, data security measures, and the pros and cons of each alternative is crucial in determining the most suitable app that aligns with your financial goals and preferences.

Explore these apps like cleo to find the one that best suits your unique financial requirements and empowers you towards better money management.

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