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debt negative impact

The demonization of debt and its negative impact

With the rise of social media as a source of information, it is easy to get carried away in the waves of trends and financial advice that one is presented with. But what is the reality of debt? Read on to find out.
get rid of debt

9 ways to get rid of your debt

The term getting rid of debt doesn't mean that you pay back the entire debt fastly, it means that you get rid of the higher interest rate debt and eventually reduce it. If you do not pay back your debt on time, it can diminish or reduce your credit score which will further create hindrances for you for getting more debt.
debt tracker

Get rid of debt with a debt tracker

Unpaid debts can affect your credit score and become a hindrance in the path of acquiring loans or opening accounts. A debt tracker keeps a record of your debt; it can be in the form of a notebook, application, or spreadsheet.
medical debt

Medical debt: Right methods to repay it

Medical debt has also made people avoid medical care. This has made people develop complex and severe untreated physical and mental health problems.
debt management plan

Debt management plan: Is it for you?

Are you overwhelmed by credit card debt? Here’s a way to pay them within five years.
debt relief

Burdened by debt? Here’s how debt relief can help

The scariest 'd' word can take you off a good financial course. What can debt do, you ask? Here’s what debt can do to you: It can eat up all your savings and use up all your monthly income. The heavy interest rates can keep you indebted for many years causing a lot of mental and physical stress, leading to breakdowns and health problems.
debt thanksgiving

Stay away from debt during the most expensive Thanksgiving

Since food prices have risen like never before, you will have to redo your budget for this Thanksgiving. While it’s already expensive to host Thanksgiving dinner, this year will be a different story if you don’t plan a strategy now.
debt stress

Overcoming debt-related stress: 6 tips to beat money worry

Accumulating debt can be a serious cause for concern, leading to stress, worry and even mental breakdowns. Given the already difficult circumstances currently prevailing, piling up debt can cause serious mental and even physical health problems.
holiday hacks

Holiday hacks: How to plan a debt-free vacation

There is no doubt that all of us enjoy vacations. No one would say “no” to a break after months of hard work. However, holidays are expensive and would need thousands of dollars. And the money would disappear in a few days. Your vacation should be enjoyable with your mind away from calculating finances. That's why we have these holiday hacks for you to enjoy a debt-free vacation.

Reduce your debt burden to get financial wellness

7 Ways to Get Rid of Debt and Live a Stress-Free Life

Debt is the new normal today. However, that doesn't mean it's easy to deal with. Getting rid of your debt will give your finances a little more breathing space. Ultimately, you’d rather spend your money on boosting your savings, starting a retirement fund, investing in the stock market, and so on — instead of paying off loans and consumer debt bills.

5 Ways to Deal With Debt-Related Stress

4 ways to help someone going through financial hardships

If you know a close friend of yours who is struggling with financial problems like the loss of a job, overwhelming debt or major medical expenses, it can be hard to know how you can help.

Stressed by your debt? Here are 8 ways to deal with it

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