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Egg Or The Chicken? Savings Or Pay Off Debt?

The egg and the chicken debate might not be significant because we consume both. When it comes to choosing one over the other it can be challenging, saving for an emergency and paying the debt both are equally important.

May Day, May Day, It’s An Emergency!

Having an adequate emergency fund is crucial for financial stability, but determining the right amount can be challenging. Overfunding can tie up money unnecessarily, while underfunding leaves you vulnerable. Balance your emergency savings with other financial goals and avoid going overboard. Find a comfortable amount that aligns with your financial plan.

Understanding Partner’s Debt Before Marriage [Expert Guide]

Marriage brings various aspects to consider, including finances and debt. The perception of marriage differs from person to person, whether it involves merging finances or maintaining individual financial boundaries. However, the question of how debt affects the couple's financial status after marriage is an important consideration. Understanding debt responsibility and implementing effective strategies is essential for a successful financial journey as a married couple.

How to Pay Off Debt: 4 Successful Financial Freedom Methods

How to Financially Prepare for Divorce? A Complete Manual

Be Smart and Do GOOD (Get Out Of Debt)!

Good debt v/s bad debt: All the pros and cons | Beem

Debts have often been misinterpreted as a liability and a trap for consumers. The mutual understanding between the consumer and the individual lender or any financial institution emphasizes more on the commitment to repay the debts which are so untrue.



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