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8 Money Lessons From Barbenheimer: Top Tips

In a world where entertainment often mirrors real life, it's fascinating how even movie characters can offer valuable insights into the complexities of financial management. From the iconic Barbie doll to the lesser-known but equally enlightening Oppenheimer, these characters have graced the big screen with stories that go beyond their animated adventures. Join us as we embark on a journey through the worlds of Barbie and Oppenheimer, uncovering the hidden money lessons nestled within their cinematic tales.

Best Ways to Celebrate Independence Day on July 4th at Home

Celebrating Independence Day at home can be a fun and meaningful way to commemorate the holiday. Explore the best ways to plan a festive and enjoyable celebration at home with Beem!

10 Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July on a Budget

On the occasion of Independence Day, disturb your budget and ensure to enjoy the essence of the day. It is a cherished tradition of commemorating a historical event. Here are the best ways you can celebrate the occasion on a budget!
Independence Day fourth of july (6)

How to Celebrate Independence Day Without Fireworks

From adventurous outdoor activities that will have you dust off your outdoor gear to gatherings where you overeat and laugh too hard, here are simple, yet popular ways to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th without fireworks.

Independence Day: How to Celebrate Fourth of July at Work

Planning July 4th office celebrations can be a great way to boost morale, foster team spirit, and create a festive atmosphere. These tips will help you plan a successful July 4th celebration at home.
Fourth of July

How to Teach Kids About the Fourth of July: Best Ways

Take the opportunity of Independence Day and teach your children to be the person they aspire to be when they grow up. This guide provides some significant suggestions to help you teach your kids about the Independence Day.
Personal Finances LGBTQ credit (6)

How LGBTQ+ Americans Can Build Credit: Best Tips and Hacks

It is important to understand why LGBTQ credit is essential for communities and LGBTQ+ Americans can build credit during Pride Month. Read on to know more.
financial goals pride month

How to Review Your Half-Year Financial Goals: Best Ideas

As we embrace Pride Month and the strides made in LGBTQ+ rights, it is crucial to underscore the significance of financial goals and ensure long-term stability and empowerment. Let's explore!
pride month personal finances (2)

How to Take Pride in Your Personal Finances: Best Tips

Taking pride in personal finances sets the stage for a brighter financial future and increases overall well-being. With this blog, we explain how you can take pride in your personal finances during Pride Month.
Father's Day

Father’s Day: How to Celebrate Without Hurting Your Finances

Father's Day finances can be easily mastered firstly by understanding that they've been the family's providers and know the value of each penny. Here's all you need to know about celebrating the occasion without hurting your finances!
Memorial Day Shopping Weekend (2)

Memorial Day Shopping Weekend: Best Tips to Prepare for It

Make the most of the Memorial Day shopping weekend with proper preparation and strategic planning. From creating a shopping list to maximizing your savings, we've got you covered. Happy Memorial Day shopping!
memorial day weekend travel

How to Budget for Memorial Day Weekend Travel: Best 10 Tips

Memorial Day weekend presents an excellent opportunity for a getaway to unwind and enjoy the long weekend. However, it's important to budget wisely to maximize your travel experience while staying within your means. This guide will provide essential tips and strategies to help you effectively budget your Memorial Day weekend travel expenses.
Mother's Day gift on a budget

How to Pick the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift on a Budget

Every mother deserves to feel unique, whether she's a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a studying mom, or all of the above, just your mom. So how do you pick the right gift on a budget? Read on to find out.
Mother's Day Celebrations

Mother’s Day Celebration: Top 10 Financial Fun Facts

Mother's Day in America is a time to celebrate and honor mothers for their love, hard work, and dedication. It is a moment to show gratitude for the many sacrifices mothers make to ensure the well-being and happiness of their children and families.

What Mother’s Day Has in Common With Debt Ceiling

As we celebrate Mother's Day in 2023, we find ourselves in an intriguing economic scenario. While we appreciate the resilience and strength of mothers, we must also consider how the socio-economic landscape has impacted them, particularly in the realm of taxation and public finance.