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Black Or Red Friday?

Black Friday has always been about grabbing deals that you simply can’t miss. Who doesn’t love paying less for more?

What is Emergency Funds and Types of Emergency Funds

Honing your money management skills very early in life gives you the much-needed confidence in overcoming prolonged unemployment, job losses, or the current Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping a back-up of at least three to six months of living expenses in case of cash crunch or sudden illness is advisable.

8 Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving 2020 On A Smaller Scale

Almost every major festival and holidays has been quieter this year due to the pandemic. The spirit to celebrate has also taken a beating with the second wave of Covid-19 all set to make a comeback leading to a spurt in cases, unemployment and dwindling cash among the citizens.

Needs vs Wants List. How To Identify this in 2024

Budgeting effectively requires the ability to distinguish between needs and wants. In the midst of the pandemic, this delineation has become increasingly challenging. By understanding the difference and making conscious choices, you can create a budget that prioritizes essential expenses while still allowing room for savings.

Celebrating Halloween in the midst of Covid-19

The increase in Covid-19 cases and the unemployment have added a sense of fear among people and what a way to celebrate Halloween to ward off the ‘ghosts of fear’. Festive spirit demands the need to celebrate and for that money is essential because nobody wants to miss out on the occasion as it happens once in a year.

9 Tips To Avoid Someone Financially Incompatible

5 Financial Warning Signs To Rethink Your Relationship

5 Financial Mistakes to Avoid as a Newlywed

Income Inequality:US wealth distribution ($98 Trillion)

The gap among rich and poor in America is the most exceedingly terrible it's been in excess of 50 years. It's a worry referred to by each driving Democratic presidential up-and-comer in the 2020 political decision, however, many may not understand what it really implies.

CARES Act: Economic Lifeline for gig-workers

The $2 trillion government stimulus package marked into law by President Donald Trump on Friday, March 27, 2020, will be a life saver to numerous gig laborers and consultants.

Money lessons to take away from Money Heist

Can you recite all the Money Heist characters’ names in a minute? Or are you the unofficial Money Heist meme sharer in your circle? Way to go! You’re now a certified Money Heist fan!

10 Financial Lessons to Learn from Dad on Father’s Day

Fathers are great with financial planning. There is so much that you can learn from them when it comes to financial habits and changes. Here are 10 financial lessons to learn from Dad on Father's Day

Top 10 things dads want for Father’s Day

Father's Day presents an excellent opportunity to surprise your dad with something unexpected. Think outside the box and opt for a unique gift or experience that he may not anticipate.



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