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Financial Planning for Nurses: 5 Personal Finance Hacks

Managing personal finances is essential for everyone earning today. And that's especially true to consider in case you're a fresh graduate from nursing school and have started work at your first job as a nurse! Here are our hacks for the most essential healthcare professionals:

12 Personal Finance Books to Learn on World Book Day

We all have our own way of managing personal finances and while a few might be doing great, others can fall short or not be working out for you. On World Earth Day, we think it's essential you get all the help you can get in managing your personal finances.

Green Your Personal Finances on Earth Day

It’s Earth Day! And while the world celebrates, it's important for us to strive to protect the environment, tackle climate change and green the planet. This is home. The only one we have!

Black Women’s History Month: Check out the Historic Events

The turn of the 1900s were pivotal years in the history of the African-American movement in the United States as a wave of civil rights campaigns, leaps in education and freedom was sweeping across the country.

COVID-19: The Meat Was Not So Tasty!

The meat industry is one of the largest segments of the food industry. Problems are not new to the industry because it is quite natural with the cattle being affected by various diseases such as Mad Cow, Bird flu, SARS, and so on.

Covid-19: The Poor, Poorer And The Poorest

The Covid-19 outbreak has posed a great challenge for U.S. policymakers to consider and respond urgently to the underlying inequalities that are so clearly visible.

Stop Kicking The Ball With No Goal Post in Sight!

Savings are the financial lifeline for an unexpected event that is right behind you and ready to hit you anytime. In fact, it can happen even as you are reading this blog.

10 Ways To Make New Year’s Eve 2020 Extra Special

Although the year is coming to a dramatic close, it's more important than ever to continue being watchful about Covid-19 safety practices like wearing face masks, social distancing, and limiting a person to person contact as much as possible. The festival season has been restricted with the main theme being individuals should limit their social gatherings in order to lower the risk of Covid-19 spread.

13 Fun Things to Do New Year’s Eve

We are all set to bid goodbye to the year 2020 as it is nearing its end. However, this year has been slightly offbeat with too many restrictions and unexpected surprises that we have never experienced before. Everyone is looking for brighter days ahead and no one is going to miss 2020 when it’s gone.

9 Ways To Celebrate A Relaxed, Fun-Filled, And Responsible Boxing Day

Boxing Day succeeds the first of the 12 days of Christmas — no pear trees or partridges required. Its beginnings are masked by centuries of folklore, but it is essentially known for “celebrating” by distributing boxed money and gifts to those less fortunate than oneself.

It’s Time, Give Back! 5 Easy Ways To Celebrate Boxing Day 2020

In the spirit of Boxing Day, a day known for charitable activities and giving back, let's explore five meaningful ways to make a difference this holiday season. From preparing meals for those in need and spending quality time with animals at shelters to making donations and becoming a fundraiser for a cause, these suggestions offer practical ways to spread kindness and generosity amidst the ongoing pandemic.

Boxing Day 2020: All you need to know

In countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Boxing Day is a traditional holiday observed on December 26th. While it may not be recognized in the United States, it has become a popular day for shopping and seeking post-Christmas deals. However, the true essence of Boxing Day lies in giving back to the less fortunate and showing appreciation for those who serve us.

Key Tips to Celebrate Christmas 2020 Safely During Covid-19.

Celebrating a festival, need not necessarily mean following the usual and routine ways. While it may seem unnatural to say no to invitations to meet friends and family members at this time of year, it's important to remember that there's a good reason behind it.

You Live In A 3D Financial World

In the complex world of personal finance, income plays a vital role in shaping an individual's financial well-being. It serves as the foundation for various financial commitments such as savings, loans, mortgages, and retirement plans. However, many people tend to overlook the nuances of income and its impact on their financial health.

Celebrating Thanksgiving 2020 Virtually

The coronavirus numbers are all set to go up across the country; you and your family might be prepared for a unique Thanksgiving – no trips, no large gatherings, no overflowing menus with extended friends and relatives. Nevertheless, nothing can stop you from enjoying yourself while you are in the comfort of your own home.



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