How to not scare your Halloween 2022 budget

Want to know our favorite season? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s Halloween! Here’s how you can have a spook-tacular time this season without scaring your budget.
How to not scare your Halloween 2022 budget
It’s the time when can you dress as a hot dog and chill around with your friends and fall asleep under the pile of Twix wrappers free of judgment. Halloween is a messenger for fall, indicating cooler weather, turning leaves and hot cocoa.
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Everyone deserves to enjoy Halloween to the fullest, no matter the budget, so here are a few ways to save big on Halloween 2022 without scaring the budget.

Buy candies right before the big day 

If you’re like us, you probably won’t go on and buy 15 sacks of candies frequently, so when it’s time to buy gigantic bags of Halloween candies, it’s hard to guess whether we’re getting a good deal or are getting ripped off.

Our moms would tell us to buy early. But as we know retailers start jocking up the prices as Halloween is approaching because they know that customers will have no choice but to buy candies for extravagant prices. Unless they want to suffer the wrath of neighborhood children, wiping smashes tomatoes from their doors the next morning. 

Nevertheless, you’re better off if you wait until the last time to buy candies,  Halloween candy prices tend to fall within 3-4 days of Halloween. As retailers are longing to clear their shelves for the Christmas heap. Prices can drop 10, 20, or even 50% rewarding those who wait. The money you save from candy can be used for a number of other things.

Don’t hoard or buy too much

It is always a question as to how much candy to buy. Well, it’s a delicate estimate with potentially overwhelming consequences. 

Running out of candy before would leave you with angry neighborhood kids whereas being left with too much candy would give you a stack of sugary temptations on your desk.

Make sure that you buy the mixture of candies that most people like and don’t like. That way you’ll be able to please all the trick-or-treaters and not face temptation when there are leftover candies.

Make a DIY costume

For most people, one of the favorite elements of Halloween is costumes! It’s obviously adorable to watch families dressed up as the Addams Family and babies dressed up as small koala bears. But as we start purchasing the costumes we get to know how expensive it becomes for us to buy those costumes, so instead of buying $50 premade costumes, you can come up with your own, that too at a very little price such as $5-7. 

For starters, you can start looking in your closet and find an item that can work as a base as you can take references from Pinterest or Reddit so that you save time. 

Once you have decided on what to use as a base you can look for accessories such as glasses, fake jewelry, and small animals. 

If all this doesn’t work you can also recycle last year’s outfit to wear or you can also sell the outfit and accessories that you wore last year, you might have a few things like wigs, necklaces, and headwear that won’t have much demand during the whole year but can earn you a pretty penny during Halloween. 

Buy decorations from a dollar store

Halloween is a big deal for everyone and a single pumpkin on the porch won’t do justice. If we look at the prices one pumpkin alone costs around $5 so if we buy 4 pumpkins it would cost us $20. At the same time if we go to a dollar store we can buy 20 decorative items with that $20 bill. You can crowd your place with spooky signs, spider webs and faux pumpkins.

One more thing that you can do is start saving your decorations and reusing them every year. Rather than throwing away the decorations and buying new ones every year, you can store your ghouls and goblins and use them in the next year too.

Prepare for Halloween 2023 this year itself

While it may sound absolutely weird to shop for Halloween right after Halloween, there’s no denying the deals that you’ll get on candies, costumes and decor. Every shopkeeper is eager to clear spaces in shelves for Christmas, retailers like Walmart, and Target will give you a discount of up to 75% on Halloween products.

Follow these 5 tips and, trust us, you’ll save a huge amount of money on your budget this Halloween 2022.

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