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Identity theft protection
to insure up to $1 Million


Safeguard your personal information, data, and accounts with world-class identity theft protection. #Beem with confidence in the face of identity threats.

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Keep your data Safe & Secure

In case of identity theft, get reimbursed for eligible lost wages, legal fees, and other expenses associated with restoring your identity.
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Dark web monitoring

Get alerted immediately if someone steals and misuses your identity on the dark web.

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SSN & address monitoring

Any suspicious activity on your SSN or address will be instantly spotted and notified.

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Keep everything safe in one place

Your personal info, registered accounts, and more, are monitored and protected 24*7.
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    How can I avail identity theft protection service?

    How does Identity Theft Protection work with Beem?

    Do I need to pay additional for the Insurance?


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