Borrow 20 dollars Instantly – How To Make $20 Fast [8 Ways]

With inflation still raging and a possible recession looming, millions of people are seeking ways to make money fast. Here are some legit ways to find the quickest way to get that extra cash when you need it the most.
How to Get 20 Instantly
Borrow 20 dollars Instantly – How To Make $20 Fast [8 Ways]
Whether to cover an unexpected expense like an urgent bill or to boost your savings, making $20 instantly is a great way to get a little extra cash. In an era where the Internet has connected everything and millions worldwide, making $20 fast online is no longer an issue. Let's find out how to get $20 instantly.
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In need of quick cash? Whether to cover an unexpected expense like an urgent bill or to boost your savings, making $20 fast is a great way to get a little extra cash. There are plenty of ways to make $20 instantly if needed.

While it might not be a big amount on its own, the compound will leave you much more money than you started with over time. Furthermore, in an era where the Internet has connected everything and millions worldwide, making $20 fast online is no longer an issue.

You only need a mobile phone and an internet connection to get $20 fast. In case of a financial emergency, you can use Beem Everdraft™ to get $5 – $1,000 instant cash advance without any income restrictions, interest or credit checks.

Borrow 20 Dollars Instantly – Top 10 Apps to get $20 Loan

1. Beem:

Beem is a leading financial wellness app designed to help users bridge the gap between paychecks. It offers small cash advances to cover unexpected expenses or emergencies.


  • borrow from $5 to $1000 based on your earnings
  • No credit check required
  • Early access to direct deposits (up to 2 days faster)
  • Budgeting tools and financial insights

2. Earnin

Earnin allows you to access a portion of your earned wages before payday. It’s focused on avoiding overdraft fees and providing an alternative to traditional loans.


  • Cash advances up to $100 per day, with potential to increase your limit to $500
  • “Lightning Speed” for near-instant deposits for a fee
  • Balance Shield alerts to avoid overdrafting

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3. Dave

Dave functions as a banking app with an overdraft protection and cash advance component. It’s aimed at helping users manage their finances more effectively.


  • Cash advances up to $250
  • Budgeting features to track spending
  • Side Hustle tool connects you with gig work opportunities

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4. MoneyLion

About: MoneyLion is a comprehensive financial app with cash advances as one of its features. It also offers banking, investing, and credit-building tools.


  • “Instacash” advances up to $250 with 0% APR
  • RoarMoney banking account with potential for early direct deposit
  • Investment options and credit tracking

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5. Brigit

About: Brigit is a budgeting and financial planning app with a cash advance feature. Its aim is to help users control their finances and avoid overdraft fees.


  • Advances up to $250
  • Budgeting tools and personalized spending insights
  • Credit-builder loans available (separate from cash advances)

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6. Branch

Branch is targeted to hourly workers, providing early access to earned wages and other financial tools within a single app.


  • Instant pay access
  • Free debit card and no-fee ATM network
  • Budgeting features

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7. PayActiv

PayActiv partners with employers to offer early wage access as an employee benefit. It also includes financial wellness tools.


  • Access to earned wages between paychecks
  • Bill pay, budgeting, and savings tools may be available depending on your employer’s plan

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8. DailyPay

DailyPay allows on-demand access to earned wages. It works with companies to offer this service directly to employees.


  • Build your available balance through worked hours
  • Transfer earnings instantly for a fee or next business day for free

9. FlexWage

FlexWage provides on-demand pay and financial wellness solutions for employers to offer as a workplace benefit.

US Features:

  • Access to earned wages dependent on employer’s plan
  • May include financial education tools

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10. Possible Finance

Possible Finance provides small installment loans to help build credit. It offers a quick approval process, even with poor credit history.


  • Loans up to $500 typically repaid in 4 installments
  • Reports payments to credit bureaus to potentially improve scores
  • Potential for higher loan limits over time

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Top 8 Ways to Make $20 Fast

With inflation still raging and a possible recession looming, millions of people are seeking ways to make money fast. Here are some legit ways to find the quickest way to get that extra cash when you need it the most.

These options don’t require a large startup investment or specialized skills. So, let’s get into the simple steps to get $20 instantly. 

Method To Get $20 InstantlyDescriptionProsCons
Cash Advance AppsBorrow earnings from upcoming paycheckFast, convenientFees, interest, eligibility requirements
Referral ProgramsEarn money by referring friends and familyPassive income, easy to doRequires social network, depends on platform rewards
Selling Items OnlineDeclutter and earn cash on used itemsQuick, profitable, decluttering benefitTime investment, listing fees, shipping costs
Freelancing and Gig WorkUtilize skills for online or local workFlexible hours, income depends on skillsFinding consistent work, competition
Participating in Online ContestsEnter contests on social media for prizesFun, potential high rewardLow success rate, time commitment
Online SurveysAnswer questions for market researchEasy, can be done in free timeLow pay per survey, time commitment
Driving For UberGive rides to passengers through rideshare appFlexible hours, good hourly rateCar requirements, driving safety risks
Cashback and Rebate AppsEarn cashback on everyday purchasesPassive income, saves moneyRequires planning, may have minimum redemption amounts

1. Use Cash Advance Apps to get $20 Instantly

They are fast options for cash and can save you a lot of trouble. These apps let you borrow earnings from your upcoming paycheck. With so many cash advance apps out there, choosing wisely is paramount. It’s essential to pick an app in tune with one’s financial behavior and goals.

Beem, EarnIn, Dave, Brigit, Chime and Current are the top cash advance apps if you need extra money. To apply, you must meet the eligibility criteria. These often include being a US resident who’s 18 or older.

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2. Referral Programs

Many platforms offer referral programs that allow you to earn money by referring friends and family. Make sure you share your referral links on social media and with your contacts to increase your earning potential.

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3. Selling Items Online

You can also earn $20 by selling your used and unused items online. Trading some of the stuff you don’t need is an easy way to get cash. It can be your old cell phone, clothes, jewelry, appliances, and more.

You can create listings and accept PayPal payments on many platforms, such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Decluttr. Poshmark lets you set up an online closet to showcase the items for sale.

The benefit of this method is that it allows you to declutter your space while also turning your belongings into some extra income.

In addition, you can sell your art online or even put up stock photos for sale. Unused gift cards can also be sold for cash. You can look for stores that buy second-hand products. There is a good chance you will be offered a lower amount, but this can save you from the online dilemma.

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4. Freelancing and Gig Work

Do you have a unique skill set? You may be good at playing some instrument, have an eye for graphic design, or have a knack for writing. As a freelancer, you can find countless opportunities to make money online.

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Etsy, and other similar sites cater to freelancers, offering them a space to create a profile to showcase their skills, build a network with hiring managers, and find work. You must set your convenient hours and decide how long you will commit to a project. This can help in padding your income.

You can also make money by delivering food or grocery orders. Delivery services like Doordash or UberEats pay you to pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to customers.

Another way to make quick money is by babysitting kids or providing dog walking services in your local area. You can be an online tutor providing academic assistance to students of different grade levels with homework or studying for exams.

Freelancing has the advantage that the more experience you acquire, the more demand you generate and, therefore, the more you can charge. 

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5. Participating in Online Contests

Entering online competitions is a great way to make some extra money. Many companies and influencers host contests on social media platforms.

You can participate and earn by following, sharing, liking, and commenting as required. Consistency is key. You need to regularly participate in contests to increase your chances of winning.

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6. Online Surveys

You can start making money by taking surveys and answering marketing questions in the next few minutes. They use your answers to create better products and services. Paid survey sites are a great way to get some money in your account.

All you have to do is merely answer simple questions online. You can take these surveys at your own pace, in your free time, and make money online. Pay is low, but with enough surveys, you can easily add up to $20.

Some pay in cash, some sample merchandise and some offer online gift cards. Make sure to do your research in advance to avoid scams. Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are among the legit survey platforms.

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7. Driving For Uber

A reliable car is one of most people’s biggest assets, other than their houses. If you have your own car with a good driving record and a flexible schedule, working for a rideshare app like Uber can benefit you.

Uber connects passengers with drivers through an extensive network. So, when you sign up as a driver with Uber, you will automatically connect with hundreds of passengers. You only need to drive to the pick-up location and take the passenger to the right destination. 

This flexible side hustle will help you to get a good source of extra income by giving rides to passengers around the town. Most Uber drivers will make around $15 to $25 per hour. However, before you start driving for Uber, you’ll need to check whether you meet the driving requirements.

Also, if you drive in a populated downtown area, you’ll see a late-night Surge. They are more likely to happen during morning and evening rush hours, allowing you to make as much money as possible.

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8. Cashback and Rebate Apps

You can earn cashback on groceries, clothes, and other everyday items with apps like Rakuten and Ibotta. It is possible to accumulate significant cashback over a month with these rewards.

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With inflation still raging and a possible recession looming, millions of people are seeking ways to make money fast. And who can ever complain about getting extra and easy money? It never hurts to have an extra source of income. Just stay updated with any changes to maximize your earnings.

In conclusion, take advantage of the numerous opportunities available offline and on the Internet. The key is to identify your strengths and interests and then leverage them to find online jobs that match them. Online surveys and freelance writing are just two ways to earn money online. But remember, it is also essential to be cautious of scams.

So, ensure that you thoroughly research before taking on any online job. Also, Beem offers $5-$1,000 instant cash advance for your emergency needs with no credit checks, interest and income restrictions.


Can I really get $20 instantly?

Yes. However, the ability to get $20 instantly depends on your specific circumstances and the available resources.

How long does it typically take to earn $20 using these methods?

It entirely depends on what method you choose to earn money.

What should I do if I need more than $20?

Consider taking a part-time or freelance job to supplement your income. You can also sell unused items and look for government programs that provide financial assistance or grants.

Are there offline methods for getting $20 instantly?

Yes. You can rent your parking spot, sell handmade crafts from home, or take your old books to a second-hand store. There are many options.

What are some online methods to get $20 instantly?

You can be an online tutor if you excel in a particular subject. You can make money via surveys, freelance work and podcasting. You can also sell items online on websites like eBay and Amazon. Again, there are plenty of options.

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