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Better Than Any
Instant Cash Advance¹

Withdraw $5-$1000 of verified bank deposits, early. No credit checks, no interest, no income restrictions, no due dates & no tips¹.

Terms & conditions apply and amount can vary for each user.

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  • Tips
  • Interest
  • Due date
  • Credit checks
  • Income restrictions
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Choose how you receive money

Receive cash into your Beem Wallet, or into your Debit Card! Fancy a gift card? Get paid as Gift cards or Prepaid cards².
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Earn extra cash with Boost

Get rewarded for good financial behaviour. Unlock extra cash by making on-time payments, avoiding overdrafts & payment failures and more.

Benefits of cash for emergencies

Access funds instantly²
Get the money you need for emergencies.
No credit score needed
No credit check¹ required with Beem's Instant Cash
Pay back Beem when you can
No due date. No interest fees. No income restriction.


    Who is eligible for Everdraft™?

    How can I get instant cash?

    What do I need to do/pay to get Everdraft™?

    What can I do with Instant Cash received via Everdraft™ ?

    How do I have to pay back the Everdraft™ used?

    Will I be charged if my Everdraft™ amount is not paid back on time?

    Will this affect my credit score?

    How to Get an Instant Cash Advance with Beem: The Best App to Get Cash Instantly