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How to Cancel Breeze

Subscription in Few Steps

Need to cancel your Breeze subscription? Learn how to do it in a few easy steps and manage your finances effectively.


Breeze is an app for mental health awareness that helps users become more conscious of their feelings and the objects, people, and activities that trigger particular feelings. A negative thought tracker might help you form the new habit of challenging negative ideas and mental patterns. All in all, this helps to improve the user's emotional state. This blog post will outline a few methods to help you stop your Breeze membership. 

Using the app or website, you can cancel your subscription. Your paid subscription will be active until the end of the subscription period, after which you can cancel at least 24 hours before the renewal period. The platform doesn't issue refunds if you cancel before the conclusion of a billing cycle. 

Methods of Cancellation

You can cancel your subscription in the following ways: 

On iPhone or iPad

Step 1

Open Settings, go to ‘Your name’ and click ‘Subscriptions’

Step 2

Click the Breeze (subscription) you want to review

Step 3

Click Cancel

On Android Device

Step 1

Open your Google Play Store app.

Step 2

Click on Menu and select ‘Subscriptions’

Step 3

Tap on Breeze: Mental Health (subscription you wish to cancel)

Step 4

Click ‘Cancel Subscription’

Breeze Refund Policy

You can end your subscription anytime from the place where you got it. To avoid being billed for the new monthly cycle, cancel the subscription before the renewal. It is only refundable if it is mandated by law. 

Should you need a refund from the Apple Store, contact the relevant Apple support staff to process your request. Please be advised that the Apple App Store's appropriate payment policy governs the refund policy, which may or may not permit returns. To manage your Purchased Content or ask any questions about refunds, please get in touch with the support of the relevant third party. 


How Much Can You Save After Canceling Your Breeze Subscription?

Subscription fees can vary depending on the subscription plan and whether you have opted for a weekly or annual subscription. However, you can save up to $100 annually after canceling the subscription.

Where to Invest that amount

The best place to invest the money you save from canceling your Breeze subscription depends on your financial goals and risk tolerance. Here are some financial tips to consider:

High-yield savings accounts

These accounts offer smaller yields than stocks or bonds, but they are a secure place to keep your money and generate some interest.

A Certificate of Deposit (CD)

These often offer higher returns than your regular savings accounts and save your money for a predetermined duration in exchange for a fixed interest rate.

Index Funds or ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds)

These funds are designed to track the performance of a specific index, such as the S&P 500. They offer a way to invest in the stock market that is generally less risky than individual stocks, providing diversification across the companies included in the index.

Peer-to-peer lending platforms

They allow you to lend your money to individuals or small businesses online, earning interest as they repay their loans. This can be riskier than traditional savings accounts but offers the potential for higher returns.

Education or skill development

Using the funds to enroll in courses or training programs relevant to your career or personal interests can yield high returns regarding future earnings potential and personal fulfillment.


These automated investment platforms create and manage a diversified portfolio for you based on your risk tolerance and financial goals. They offer a low-cost way to start investing, making them an excellent option for beginners or those looking to save time on investment management.

Alternatives to Breeze

There are several alternatives to breeze that you can consider-


Known for its soothing soundscapes and sleep meditations, Calm is a great app to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.


Offers a variety of guided meditations for beginners and experienced meditators alike. Headspace is a well-rounded app that can help you develop a meditation practice and learn mindfulness techniques.


Takes a games and activities approach to mental well-being. Happify uses positive psychology techniques to help you build resilience and happiness.


An AI chatbot therapist that provides emotional support and mental health exercises. Wysa is a good option for people looking for a conversational approach to mental health.


Provides a mood tracker, personalized challenges, and a supportive community forum. Youper is a good option for people who want to track their mood, set goals, and connect with others working on their mental health.


Canceling your subscription to the Breeze application may present challenges, as the company may employ strategies to persuade you to retain your subscription. 

In light of this decision, it's advisable to carefully review any terms and conditions associated with the cancellation to ensure a smooth and informed process. Additionally, be prepared to decline any last-minute offers or incentives designed to make you reconsider. This is a common practice among subscription services aiming to retain their customer base. 

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