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How to Cancel Daily Harvest

Subscription in Few Steps

Need to cancel your Daily Harvest subscription? Learn how to do it in a few easy steps and manage your finances effectively.


Daily Harvest provides organic meals using fresh fruits and vegetables cooked by professional chefs. All their products are plant-based and you can select the items in each box. However, if you're unhappy with what Daily Harvest offers, we'll guide you through the steps to cancel the subscription. This blog will also discuss their return policies, look at some alternatives, and discuss where you can direct your saved funds to grow financially.

How to Cancel Daily Harvest [Step by Step]

To cancel your subscription, follow the steps below:

Step 1

To cancel your subscription, you need to first pause your Daily Harvest account.

Step 2

Locate the ‘menu’ in the upper left corner and tap on it. Then, choose ‘Manage Plan’. Look for the ‘Edit’ button near ‘Plan Status’ in the Manage Plan section and select ‘Pause’. 

Step 3

At the bottom of the page, a ‘Next’ button will appear. Pick your reason for pausing from the dropdown menu. A pop-up window will appear after. Click ‘Yes, Pause Plan’ to confirm, and your account will be put on hold. 

Step 4

Once your account is paused, you can cancel it. Once again, go to the ‘Manage Plan’ section and click the ‘Edit’ button. You will find an 'End Plan' option; click on it and follow the instructions to cancel your account.

Methods of Cancellation

Daily Harvest typically offers online cancellation through its website or mobile app. However, you can contact customer support for assistance if you encounter any difficulties or have specific queries regarding cancellation. They may provide alternative methods or additional guidance based on your circumstances.

Daily Harvest Refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your order, you can contact Daily Harvest immediately after the products are delivered. They may replace, credit, or refund you in whole or in part based on their terms and conditions. If you are still dissatisfied after addressing your request, contact them on their customer support.


How Much Can You Save After Canceling Your Daily Harvest Subscription

Daily Harvest offers plans that are based on a collection of different products. The amount you pay will depend on the price of each item you choose for your box, how frequently your box is delivered, and how many items you order. Each item costs between $5.99 and $11.99, with a flat $9.99 shipping and handling fee applicable to all orders. If you discontinue your subscription, you can save anywhere from $15.98 to $21.98, depending on how many boxes you receive and how often you order.

Where to Invest That Amount

After canceling your Daily Harvest subscription, you can save a notable amount over time. Consider investing the saved funds towards various investment opportunities to enhance your financial well-being. Here are some options you can consider to invest your money:

Savings Account

Consider opening a savings account. It can help with unexpected situations or bills, and you can save for short-term goals. Put your money into a high-yield savings account to earn more over time. You can open a savings account using Beem, the Super App, which lets you earn up to 5.00% APY. 

Retirement Accounts

Invest in retirement accounts like 401(k) or IRA to provide security for your after-employment period and maximize the tax benefits.

Stocks or Mutual Funds

Invest in stocks or mutual funds that can allow you to realize long-term returns and gain financial stability.

Education or personal growth

Invest in yourself by signing up for classes, taking certifications, or attending workshops, as these will help you improve your skills and career prospects.

Alternatives to Daily Harvest

There are various alternatives for Daily Harvest in the market that cater to various food preferences and lifestyles. Here are some options that you may consider:


Each HelloFresh kit is made to save you time, using fresh, natural ingredients and simple recipes. It helps you save time and relieves the stress of grocery shopping and cooking. A weekly subscription starts at $56.95.

Green Chef

It is a service with a subscription model that prepares healthy and funky meals with fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. It offers three menu categories: Keto + Paleo, Plant-based, and Balanced Living. Customers may choose from multiple options for each. The monthly subscription starts at $71.94.

Blue Apron

Their meal boxes start at $47.95 a week. You get pre-portioned ingredients and directions for up to four dinners weekly with bistro-inspired recipes for two or four people. You have recipes and flexible scheduling options.


To sum it up, you can easily cancel your Daily Harvest subscription and redirect those funds to other crucial goals. Alternatively, you can find the best option or locate different food delivery services until you find one that meets your standards. In addition, invest what you have saved from canceling the subscriptions in various investments to achieve financial stability.

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