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How to cancel Hover subscription in easy steps

Cancelling a subscription service that you no longer need just became so much easier.

Canceling an existing domain:

First, make sure to turn off auto-renewal. Once a domain is registered, you can't cancel the time applied to it or get refunds for unused time.

Change your DBS or Nameservers to disconnect your website from the domain to take it offline.

Canceling a new domain registration:

For most extensions (except the UK), you can cancel a new domain registration within four days of registering. The registry allows cancellation during this time. After four days, the registration becomes final and can't be changed.

Canceling Hover Mailboxes:

There are various methods for canceling Hover Mailboxes. They offer prorated refunds for canceled email accounts within one year of the first purchase.

Your Hover subscription may show up on your statement:



WWW HOVER COM 402-935-7733 MS

WWW HOVER COM 4165385498 MS

WWW HOVER COM 416-538-5498 MS



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