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How to Cancel Photoleap

Subscription in Few Steps

Need to cancel your Photoleap subscription? Learn how to do it in a few easy steps and manage your finances effectively.


A photo-editing program developed by Lightricks Photoleap has made a name for itself online. Create remarkable digital art and striking photo compositions with Photoleap's robust AI image generator and image effects. Whether starting from scratch, searching for an AI photo editor, or adding enchantment to your photos, Photoleap is the ultimate all-in-one AI art app. However, there may be times when customers want to cancel their memberships for various reasons. 

How to Cancel Photoleap [Step by Step]

Specific instructions that are provided by the service or platform where you subscribed initially need to be followed to cancel a PhotoLeap subscription:

Step 1

Depending on how you initially subscribed, go to the PhotoLeap website or launch the PhotoLeap app.

Step 2

Enter the login information you used to establish the subscription to access your account.

Step 3

Search for 'Subscription,' 'Account Settings,' or 'Billing.'

Step 4

Look for a 'Cancel Subscription' or 'Manage Subscription' link or button in the account settings or subscription section. Click the button.

Step 5

You might be prompted to confirm that you want to cancel. To continue with the cancellation, adhere to the instructions.

Step 6

Verify that your subscription has been successfully canceled. You should receive a confirmation message or an email notification regarding the cancellation.

Step 7

To ensure that you are no longer receiving bills for the subscription, double-check your bank or credit card statement.

Methods of Cancellation

The method for canceling a Photoleap subscription differs according to the platform used to make the purchase.

Cancel Photoleap Subscription on Android

To cancel your Photoleap premium account on an Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app.

  2. Tap on your Google Profile icon and select ‘Payments & Subscriptions’.

  3. Tap on the 'Subscriptions' option.

  4. Search for the Photoleap subscription and tap on 'Cancel Subscription.'

Cancel Photoleap Subscription on iPhone

Steps to cancel your Photoleap subscription on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the 'Settings' app on your iPhone.

  2. Tap on your Apple ID from the settings.

  3. Tap on the 'Subscriptions' option.

  4. Search for 'Photoleap Subscription' and tap on it.

  5. Choose ‘Cancel Subscription’ to confirm the cancellation.

Photoleap's Refund Policy

Your subscription will start once you sign up for the services you've picked and make your payment. The payment will be deducted from your chosen method unless you cancel within 48 hours. You have the freedom to stop using your paid subscription at any time. You'll retain access to the app's features until the end of the month. They do not offer credits or refunds for services during Paid Subscription periods unless mandated by law.


How Much Can You Save After Canceling Your Photoleap Subscription

Photoleap provides two subscription plans: $3.33 for a monthly plan and $39.99 for an annual plan. You can start a new investment or utilize the approximately forty dollars you'll save each year by discontinuing the subscription plan for other worthwhile reasons. 

Where to Invest that Amount

Investing wisely is essential when you are short on funds for an emergency. Here are some financial tips that you can follow for investments

Fixed Deposits (FD): Fixed deposits are often considered the safest, most stable, and among the best short-term investment options.

Liquid Funds: Like stock market investments, liquid funds allocate capital to buy and hold government bonds and other securities. Since there is no lock-in period, you can withdraw as much money as you need.

Real Estate: It is undoubtedly one of the most popular investment options. Property investments have delivered stunning returns in the past, but they have their risks and limitations. 

Home Improvement: Spending a little extra to make your home life more accessible can be a great investment. Upgrade to better equipment or add a little decoration to make your home life more luxurious. 

Self-care: There is nothing wrong with self-care here and there; with the extra money, you can invest in self-improvement, learning a new skill, or taking a spa day. 

Alternatives to Photoleap

There are many alternatives to Photoleap available. You can choose the alternative based on your needs and budget. Here are some other options for Photoleap, depending on your needs and budget:


Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform with an extensive library of templates, icons, and illustrations. It's great for creating social media graphics, presentations, posters, and more. 

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free photo editing app with essential design tools. It's a good option for quick edits and creating simple designs


Picsart is a photo editing and design app with many features, including filters, stickers, and text overlays.


Pixlr is a free online photo editor with various editing tools. It's a good option for basic photo editing and creating simple designs. 


GIMP is a free and open-source image editing program with powerful features. It's a good option for advanced users needing more edit control. 


Each application has advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, although Photoleap has many sophisticated capabilities, not everyone will find them useful. For this reason, this article will let you cancel your Photoleap subscription for whatever reason—cost, user interface, or anything else. Selecting a platform that satisfies your needs and falls within your financial means is critical.

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