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How to Cancel Ryze

Subscription in Few Steps

Need to cancel your Ryze subscription? Learn how to do it in a few easy steps and manage your finances effectively.


Ryze, an online platform, offers Ryze mushroom coffee, which claims to be highly tasty and non-harmful to its customers. The brand also promises to put you in a better mood without getting addicted. However, you can cancel your subscription account if you have tried Ryze Coffee and don’t like it. The cancellation process for Ryze has been simplified, making it easy for users to cancel within minutes. 

How To Cancel Ryze [Step By Step]

If you need to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time before the start of your first activity. Let’s break down the easy steps to canceling Ryze:

Canceling your Ryze Mushroom Coffee subscription cancellation isn’t a self-service option. Instead, you’ll need assistance from their customer support team. To contact Ryze’s customer service, the initial method is to email [email protected] and await their response. 

Step 1

To cancel your Ryze account via the website, first log in with your name and email address on the official website

Step 2

Then, cancel your subscription plan using the website's ‘Cancel’ option. 

Step 3

Leave feedback or a valid reason to cancel your Ryze Mushroom Coffee Subscription. 

Step 4

After applying for a cancellation, the customer service team will confirm your cancellation via the above channels.

Methods Of Cancellation

To stop your subscription period with Ryze, they offer three cancellation methods. Let’s look at these cancellation methods and choose the one that best suits you:

  1. Contact Form: You should contact the team via their contact form for this cancellation method. You can terminate your subscription by entering your email address and name and providing some vital identity. Then, cancel your subscription plan and leave feedback or a valid reason to cancel your Ryze Mushroom Coffee Subscription. After these steps, they will confirm your cancellation via email.

  2. Social Media: Follow these simple steps to cancel your Ryze Subscription via social media. Go to Ryze Mushroom Coffee's official Instagram account, message them to cancel your subscription, and provide your essential details. Soon, the Ryze customer service team will respond to confirm Your Cancellation.

  3. Customer Support: You can also call Ryze Mushroom Coffee at 617-221-3852 to verbally inform the team about canceling your subscription. To contact Ryze’s customer service, the initial method is to email [email protected] and await their response.

Ryze Refund Policy

Ryze does not refund your subscription amount when you cancel. This means that once you've subscribed to their services and decide to cancel, you won't receive any refunds for the remaining duration of your subscription period. It's crucial to consider this policy before committing to a subscription with Ryze, ensuring that you're comfortable with the terms in case you need to change your subscription in the future.


How Much You Can Save After Canceling Your Ryze Subscription

Ryze does not classify the amount you save after canceling your Ryze subscription, and they do not offer refunds for any remaining subscription duration once it has been terminated.

Additionally, Ryze does have a separate refund policy for item purchases. They offer a 30-day return policy for items purchased, ensuring customer satisfaction. Upon receipt of the returned item at their warehouse and verification of its condition, Ryze initiates the refund process promptly. Refunds are typically processed within 1 – 2 business days and are issued to the original payment method. However, depending on the payment method, the refund may take up to 10 business days to reflect in your account. This transparent refund process aims to give customers peace of mind regarding their purchases.

Where To Invest That Amount

Ryze's customer service team will not refund your subscription amount after you cancel your subscription plan. Therefore, you cannot invest that money in another way. As they have a $30 monthly subscription charge, you will also save this money for emergency expenses by canceling your subscription.

Alternatives To Ryze

If you no longer enjoy Ryze mushroom coffee or want to try something different, there are numerous alternatives to consider:

Elm and Rye Mushroom Coffee

Elm and Rye Mushroom Coffee creamer contains four nutrient-rich mushrooms: Chaga, cordyceps, lion's mane, and maitake.

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic offers a wide range of products, including the standard “Think” caffeinated coffee blend, “Chill” decaf blend, and “Defend” probiotic-enhanced blend. Best of all, most products are available in ground, whole bean, and K-cup forms. These products give you a touch of that earthy flavor, but the overwhelming taste is more like actual coffee.

Sun Alchemy

Terrasoul offers Sun Alchemy. Their mushroom coffee is made from high-altitude, shade-grown Arabica coffee beans that are roasted, brewed, and freeze-dried. Sun Alchemy uses the mushroom's fruiting bodies, which are dual-extracted in water and alcohol, to produce potent full-spectrum bioavailable extracts. 


Ryze offers a simple way to cancel subscriptions. With three different methods available, you can promptly terminate your subscription plan within just 5 minutes. After terminating your subscription, you have multiple options to find the best coffee for your taste. Explore these alternatives and enjoy your love for coffee!

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