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How to Cancel Albert Genius

Subscription in Few Steps

Want to cancel your Albert Genius subscription? Learn the quickest and easiest ways to stop your membership and save money. Get step-by-step instructions and important notes to ensure a smooth process.


To cancel your Albert Genius Subscription, follow these easy steps:

1. Through the Albert App

Step 1

Open the Albert app and go to the "Profile" tab (usually a person icon).

Step 2

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner (it often looks like three horizontal lines).

Step 3

Select "Help Center".

Step 4

Choose the option for "Deactivate or close my accounts".

Step 5

Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm your subscription cancellation.

2. Texting Albert Support:

Step 1

Text the word "CANCEL GENIUS" to Albert's support number: (639-37).

Step 2

You should receive a response with instructions on how to complete your cancellation.

Refund Policy

  • No refunds for monthly subscriptions: If you pay the Albert Genius fee on a monthly basis, there are no refunds available.

  • Prorated refunds for annual subscriptions (with conditions): If you have an annual Genius subscription and cancel within the first month, you won't be charged. If you cancel after the first month, you might receive a prorated refund based on the time remaining on your subscription.

  • Subject changes: If you accidentally purchase Genius for the wrong subject area, contact Albert support ([email protected]) to switch subjects instead of seeking a refund.

Why the Limited Policy?

Subscription services often have limited refund policies because they provide immediate access to resources and features. When you subscribe, you can instantly use Albert Genius's benefits.

Where to Find the Full Policy

You can find the complete Albert Genius refund policy on their Help Center:

How much you can save after canceling your albert genius subscription

  • Monthly Savings: Albert Genius costs $14.99 per month. By canceling, you'll immediately save that amount each month.

  • Annual Savings: If you multiply the monthly savings ($14.99) by 12 months, you'll save $179.88 per year.

Where to Invest that amount

  • Target-date funds: These funds automatically adjust your asset allocation (mix of stocks and bonds) over time, becoming more conservative as you near your desired retirement date. Great for hands-off investing.

  • High-yield savings accounts (HYSA): While not strictly investing, HYSAs offer a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts, letting your money grow with minimal risk.

  • Index funds: Index funds track a specific market index (like the S&P 500). They offer broad diversification and low fees, aiming to match overall market performance.

  • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs): ETFs are like baskets of stocks or bonds, and you can find ones targeting specific sectors or industries. They offer diversification and flexibility.

  • Real estate: Investing in property can provide rental income and long-term appreciation, but it can also be less liquid and requires significant capital or financing. Consider Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) for stock-like investment in property.


Alternatives to Albert Genius:



YNAB (You Need A Budget)







Your Albert Genius subscription may show up on your statement:


Albert Genius


Albert Genius EDI PYMNTS 0009100001

EDI PYMNTS Albert Genius


Albert Genius EDI PYMNTS payment

Albert Genius -EDI PYMNTS

Albert Genius Walnut CA

PreDebit Albert Genius EDI PYMNTS

Albert Genius EDI - EDI PYMNTS

Albert Genius/EDI PYMNTS

Albert Genius EDI PYMNT

Albert Genius - EDI PYMNTS

Ext Albert Genius EDI - EDI / PYMNTS

Albert Genius TYPE: EDI PYMNTS ID: 5475215705 CO: Albert Genius

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