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How to Cancel Autoship on

Need to adjust or cancel your Chewy Autoship? Our guide offers clear instructions and helps you avoid unnecessary charges or shipments.


To Cancel Autoship on, follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Log into your Chewy account.
How to cancel Autoship subscription.webp
Step 2

Click on Manage Autoship

Step 3

Select your Autoship plan

Step 4

Click on Cancel This Autoship at the bottom of the page

Chewy Refund Policy

General Refund Principles

  • Chewy's standard 365-day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to all Autoship orders. If you're unhappy with an item that was part of an Autoship, you can still get a refund just like a regular purchase.

Key Considerations About Autoship Refunds

  • Timing is key. For the easiest refund, cancel your Autoship order before the next shipment. You can usually skip or cancel shipments up to a day before the scheduled ship date.

  • Order Already Shipped? If your Autoship order has already shipped, you'll likely need to get the item and then start a standard return.

  • Proactive Cancellations: If you're sure you don't want more Autoship shipments, remember to cancel it. Don't just cancel individual orders.

How to Get an Autoship Refund

  1. Cancel Autoship First (if applicable): Prevent any future shipments if you no longer want the product. (See instructions in the "How to Cancel Autoship on" response).

  2. Contact Customer Service: Same as with any Chewy refund:

    • Phone: 1-800-672-4399 (24/7)

    • Website: (contact form)

  3. Explain the Situation: Say you want a refund for an Autoship order. Provide your order number.


How Much Can You Save Per Year By Cancelling Chewy Autoship

The amount you can save per year by canceling Chewy Autoship depends entirely on:

  • The Products You Order: The cost of pet supplies you regularly buy on Autoship.

  • Sale Prices and Alternative Sources: Chewy sometimes runs big sales. Other pet supply retailers or stores might have better prices on the same things.

  • Autoship Discounts: The first Autoship discount is usually 35% off your first order. Ongoing discounts are typically 5% off. Both types of discounts factor into your potential savings.

Here's how to figure out approximately how much YOU could save:

  1. Gather Your Order History: Look at your past Chewy Autoship orders for a few months. Add up the total amount you spent.

  2. Factor in Autoship Discounts: Subtract any Autoship discounts you usually receive.

  3. Compare Prices: Check if you can get the same products cheaper from:

    • Other online retailers (Amazon, Petco, etc.)

    • Local pet supply stores

    • Big-box stores (Walmart, Target) – especially when they have sales

  4. Calculate the Difference: Subtract the cheaper option from your Chewy Autoship cost. Multiply this by the number of times you'd re-order in a year to get an estimated annual savings.


  • You spend $50 per month on Chewy Autoship.

  • Your Autoship discount is 5%.

  • You find some items cheaper elsewhere, saving you about $10 per order.

  • Potential yearly savings: ($10 savings per order) * (12 orders per year) = $120

Where to Invest this amount

  • High-yield savings accounts: These offer a higher interest rate than regular savings accounts. They allow your money to grow faster.

  • Certificates of Deposit (CDs): CDs lock your money away for a fixed term in exchange for a guaranteed interest rate.

  • Money Market Accounts: Similar to high-yield savings accounts, but might have some restrictions on withdrawals.

  • Bonds: You essentially loan money to a company or government entity, and they pay you interest.

  • Stocks: Invest in individual companies. They have growth potential, but also higher risk.

  • Mutual Funds or ETFs: They are pooled investments. They give you instant diversification. They diversify across a basket of stocks or bonds.

Alternatives to Chewy

  1. Petco

  2. PetSmart

  3. Amazon

  4. Petlove

  5. PetMeds

  6. Allivet

  7. EntirelyPets

  8. Pet valu

Your Autoship subscription may show up on your statement:

CHEWY.COM 800-6724399 FL 33160 USA

CHEWY.COM 800-672-4399 FL


CHEWY.COM 800-6724399 FL 33160 US

CHEWY.COM 800-6724399 FL

Debit Card Purchase - CHEWY COM 800 6724399 FL


VISA DDA PUR 490641 CHEWY COM 800 6724399 * FL

: CHEWY.COM 800-6724399 FL

CHEWY.COM 800-6724399 FL

CHEWY.COM xxx-xxx4399 FL



CHEWY.COM (800)672-4399 FL

CHEWY COM 800 6724399 FL

CHEWY COM 800 6724399 * FL

CHEWY.COM 800-6724399 FL


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