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How to Cancel a Google Cloud Subscription in Easy Steps

Need to cancel your Google Cloud subscription? Check out our step-by-step guide and find its best alternatives here.

Many businesses and individuals must use Google Cloud for data storage and other cloud-based services. These services include computing, storage, analytics, machine learning, and management tools. However, if you want to cancel your Google Drive subscription and need clarification on the process, here's how to proceed!

To Cancel Your Google Cloud Identity Subscription, Follow These Easy Steps:

Step 1

Log into your Google Admin account. Ensure your email does not end with Gmail.

Sign in to your Google Admin Console.webp

Step 2

Go to 'Billing' from the home page.

Go to 'Billing' from the home page..webp
Step 3

Click 'Actions' next to your 'Cloud Identity Premium' in the Subscriptions area.

Step 4

Click 'Cancel' and then 'Continue' to proceed.

Google Cloud Refund Policy

Google Cloud will not refund you for any services you use. However, some cases may be considered otherwise. You should also know that payment for the Google Cloud services will be forfeited upon cancellation.


How Much Can You Save After Canceling Your Google Cloud Subscription?

If you cancel your subscription to Google Cloud services, you can save considerably, especially for businesses using high-end service levels.

For example, canceling your subscription can save you up to $12,000 annually if you already pay $1,000 monthly, which is quite substantial. Consequently, such savings can be invested in other crucial business areas or even saved.

Where to Invest That Amount?

Emergency Fund

Allocating the refunded amount to an emergency fund ensures you have sufficient reserves for unexpected expenses or economic downturns.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds enable investors to diversify their investments by spreading them over various assets.


Such digital money forms provide a lot of money to fearless people taking risks.

Alternatives to Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is a comprehensive cloud solution with 200 functioning services in diverse data centers worldwide. Its uniqueness comes from its scalability, security, and flexibility.

Among other providers, it offers many applications for individuals, start-ups, and corporate levels and provides excellent cloud computing, storage, and machine learning solutions.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the chief cloud computing services, incorporating a range of unified features that include analytics, virtualization, storage, and networking.

Due to its tight integration with Microsoft products, Azure has become the enterprise choice for advanced AI, machine learning, and hybrid cloud solutions.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is well-positioned in AI and ML through the leading Watson brand. IBM Cloud values security features highly, which led to expansion into hybrid clouds for enterprise customers and solutions targeting mission-critical business applications, e.g., ERP or CRM systems.


You can free up some money by canceling your Google Cloud subscription. You can set aside these funds for emergencies and retirement or invest in the stock market or other services. Try Beem, a digital wallet app that offers you every service you need to manage your finances smartly! 

Your Google Cloud subscription may show up on your statement:

GOOGLE *CLOUD_0092D6-E [email protected] IE


Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Platform

GOOGLE *CLOUD_00169A-1 [email protected]

GOOGLE *Cloudcade

GOOGLE *CLOUD_011E5E-D [email protected]


GOOGLE *CLOUD_00751E-B [email protected]



Google Cloud

Google *cloud_000f40-E

GOOGLE *CLOUD_004207-E [email protected]

GOOGLE *CLOUD_0091FE-9 [email protected]

GOOGLE *CLOUD_002BE3-B [email protected]


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