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How To Cancel Cooper's Hawk Winery

Subscription in a few minutes

Learn how to cancel your Cooper's Hawk Winery subscription step by step, discover potential savings after canceling, and explore alternatives to Cooper's Hawk Winery in this comprehensive guide.

To cancel your Cooper's Hawk Winery Subscription, follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Call Cooper's Hawk Winery customer care by dialing (708)215-5674
Phone - 708-215-5674.webp

Step 2

Please speak to a representative and provide account details and instructions on terminating it.

Step 3

Ask them to send an email confirmation that your request was attended.

Cooper's Hawk Winery Refund Policy

For membership cancellation, you should inform Cooper's Hawk at least three days before the charge-out date a month.

However, if you cancel without informing or after the billing cycle, you will not get back any fees that have already been charged. Alternatively, Cooper’s Hawk could allow you to change your membership to in-store pickup.

How much can you save after canceling your Cooper's Hawk Winery subscription?

This would save you lots of money each year when compared against your household budget. Depending on your plan, this ranges from $22.99 to $64.99 monthly with the monthly pickup or from $89.99 up to $164.99 per quarter with a quarterly delivery.

Where to Invest that Amount?

There are lots of other places where one can channel this extra money that comes as a result of stopping this subscription

  1. Consider putting the saved cash towards your emergency savings account

  2. High-interest debt should be prioritized to gain financial freedom more quickly.

  3. Explore the investment options that match your risk rebellion and financial goals.


Alternatives to Cooper's Hawk Winery

If you need to find alternatives to Copper Hawk Winery, here is an option or two.

Seasons 52

With its ever-changing seasonal menu that features fresh and airy fare, Seasons 52 offers the region a delightful dining environment. Known for its world-class wine-by-the-glass list, it has something for everyone with diverse tastes.

Lynfred Winery

The Lynfred Winery is the oldest family-owned winery in Illinois and has a rich history of wine production. With a $21 monthly subscription to its wine club, it also gives enthusiasts reds, whites, dessert wines, and sparklings.


Houlihan’s is an American casual restaurant chain known for its menu diversity. This place offers an extravagant dining experience with a wide range of varieties according to one’s tastes.

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