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How to Cancel Google Fiber

Subscription in Few Steps

Need to cancel your Google Fiber subscription? Learn how to do it in a few easy steps and manage your finances effectively.


In 18 cities, Google Fiber provides internet connection, TV streaming, and phone plans. You should spend about $70 monthly for a download speed of 1,000 Mbps or megabits per second (however, plan rates vary by area). Plans with download speeds up to 100 Mbps normally start at $50 per month. According to some in the industry, Google Fiber is more about forcing larger FTTP providers to improve their services, making Google's other products faster and more effective than creating a massive fiber optic network. The pricing is competitive, and those speeds are rather amazing.

However, if you wish to cancel your Google Fiber subscription, this guide can be helpful.

How to Cancel Your Google Fiber Subscription?

Despite the reasonable prices and fast speeds, if you still want to cancel Google Fiber, you should ideally decide before the installation happens. And in that scenario, it's a simple process. 

Step 1

Sign in to your Google Fiber account using your email and password.

Step 2

Click edit under the Account Info card on the homepage of your account page.

Step 3

On your profile page, click Cancel Fiber Service.
(If you don't see a Cancel Fiber Service button, contact GFiber customer support.)

Step 4

A series of messages will appear with information about canceling your GFiber service. Click Continue in each dialogue box to cancel your GFiber service completely.

Step 5

If you don't see a "Cancel Fiber Service" option or if the service is already deployed, you must contact Fiber's customer support team and handle the process directly.

Methods of Cancellation

There are two ways to cancel Google Fiber service:

  1. Online: Sign in to your Google Fiber account and navigate to the "Manage Profile" section. There, you should find a "Cancel Fiber Service" option. Click on it and follow the prompts to complete the cancellation.

  2. Contact Google Fiber customer support: You can contact them through phone, live chat, or email. Remember to have your account PIN ready when contacting support.

Google Fiber's Refund Policy

There is no cancellation fee when you stop using Google's fiber internet service. Only the costs associated with building or installation will be your responsibility. You are required to return all of the equipment given to you as part of the Services.

If you decide to keep the equipment, you must also pay a replacement charge. There aren't any other costs associated with ending your Google Fiber service.


How Much Can You Save After Canceling Your Google Fiber Subscription?

After terminating your Google Fiber membership, the amount you can save will vary depending on several criteria, such as:

  • The Google Fiber plan you currently have: Google Fiber has various plans with varying monthly costs.

  • The presence of substitute internet service providers: Examine the plans and costs of the local internet service providers (ISPs) and contrast them with your Google Fiber package.

  • Your requirements for internet usage: You can locate a more cost-effective plan with slower speeds or lower data caps if you don't use the internet much.

By considering these things, you can calculate the possible savings from terminating your Google Fiber membership.

Where to Invest that amount?

If you have decided to cancel the services to increase your savings, investing that money in a given source is highly advisable. In the need for financial assistance, even a cent counts. Having a wi-fi connection is a luxury and optional rather than a necessity. The expense spared by canceling the subscription can come in handy or be invested into something else that is more productive. You can instead:

  • Establish an emergency savings account: Save three to six months' living expenses for emergencies like appliance repairs or house crises..

  • Take up little upkeep duties: Preventive maintenance can save you money in the long run. Examples of preventive maintenance include cleaning your gutters and looking for leaks.

  • Think about savings accounts with high yields: Compared to ordinary savings accounts, these accounts provide greater interest rates, which can accelerate the growth of your money.

Alternatives to Google Fiber

The following are some Google Fiber alternatives: 

Cable Internet

Depending on your demands, cable internet providers may offer a decent value because they have broad coverage and frequently combine internet with phone and TV services.

DSL Internet

DSL Internet uses existing phone lines to provide internet access. It might still be a solid option in locations where the cable is unavailable despite being slower than fiber or cable.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet uses towers to provide internet signals to your home. Though actual speeds may vary, it can be a suitable option in distant areas without access to cable or DSL.


It's simple to stop your Google Fiber membership without any trouble or additional costs. What you do with the money you save when you cancel the subscription is up to you. You can invest it elsewhere or change the internet service provider. Canceling Google Fiber is a quick process if done properly through your account. Be sure to understand their cancellation policies to avoid extra charges.

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