No Experience? No Problem! You Can Still Land a Job

Employers are relaxing hiring qualifications and also offering massive monetary benefits for those willing to take up jobs. Here’s how. 
No Experience? No Problem! You Can Still Land a Job
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Landing a job couldn’t have gotten any easier. No experience? You’re still hired! It doesn’t just stop there, taking up a job now comes with so many benefits.

While employers are relooking at job requirements amid a severe worker shortage of recent times, they are also offering big juicy bonuses for those accepting job offers—backed by the state government of course. This comes in the backdrop of the end of enhanced jobless benefits by the Federal Government by September while other states plan to cut off the $300 federal supplement within weeks.

Time to get back to work! But you don’t really need to job hunt this time? Employers are relaxing hiring qualifications and also offering massive monetary benefits for those willing to take up jobs. Here’s how. 

Flexible Job Candidates

Well, we all saw this coming at some point – Where skills mattered more than experience. Employers today have little to no choice but to be flexible with their hiring schemes. Job openings hit an all-time high this March, a record of 8.1 million job openings was estimated by the Labor Department.

In April, over 44% of small business owners said they had job openings they couldn’t fill. As we emerge from the Covid-19 downturn, loosening the reins on job qualifications will work in favor of both employers and job seekers. 

Hire and Train

Hiring managers are opting to consider hiring candidates with no experience and training for the role. Their aptitude, soft skills, knack for communication, and hard work are the only criteria for employers right now.

Most other companies are said to be scrambling to staff up, and employers are going the extra mile to accommodate employees with rough edges. This is a result of an increase in customer demand as opposed to the decrease in the supply of workers over the Covid-19 strain.

Zero Experience

Manufacturers from Illinois are hiring workers with no experience. Surprised? They’re taking people with absolutely no experience. And, there’s no stopping people from getting hired.

Some firms are going as far as creating job openings that say “no experience necessary”, making occupations such as e-commerce, analyst, purchasing assistant, and preschool teacher available to those without graduation.

Employers are accepting technical programs, such as coding boot camps as relevant experience.


Word travels fast! Posting job ads online and insisting on appraisal credentials have seen a new low off late. Instead, employers rely on word-of-mouth. New hires are trained to be appraisers and research a neighborhood’s income and other demographics. 

This eases the workload for the company’s licensed appraisers. They even earn $30,000 to $40,000, not the $70,000 to $200,000 licensed appraisers rake in but they have a pathway into the industry. 

Return-to-Work Bonuses 

Over half of US states plan to halt federal enhanced unemployment benefits as soon as June. They are rather resorting to offering cash bonuses to lure Americans back into the workforce.

Four Republican-led states – Arizona, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma – are offering up to $2,000 for workers to accept a new job. The initiative hopes to replace the federal unemployment program that provided $300 a week for out-of-work Americans, outside of their regular state benefits. 


While the state is doing its bit to add to employment, the McDonald’s chain in Altamont, Illinois, is giving away iPhones to new hires. A sign at one of the restaurant’s windows reads: “Now Hiring. Free iPhone. McDonald’s has actively been trying to attract employees in multiple ways. During the pandemic labor shortage and even recently they are raising the pay by an average of 10% for workers. So, what now? “Get back to work”, (totally mimicking Michael Scott from The Office.)

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