Transfer Money

Transfer Money
digital wallet

What is a digital wallet and how to use it?

With the advent of technological development, contactless payment has become exceptionally popular among both consumers and merchants. Here's all you need to know about digital wallets.

All you need to know about wire transfers

Ever been in a situation where you needed to send money to someone and found it difficult to do so? If you had thought of doing a wire transfer, you would have been able to send it right away.
send money friends family

How to send money to friends and family

A lot of times, it is not viable to send money to a loved one physically and that raises the need for money transfer. You need to inquire if the recipient has a checking or savings account, as transfer obligates both parties to have them at times.
international money transfer

How to make an international money transfer

Sending money online internationally has become very easy with a variety of options available. Most payment methods cover countries across the globe ranging from emerging countries to developed ones. The payment charges for transfer range from $1 to $5. It can be more depending on the institution you choose.