How to Send Money from Venmo to Zelle

Learn how to easily send money from Venmo to Zelle, boosting your mobile money experience. Continue reading for more information on how to use it.
Send Money from Venmo to Zelle
How to Send Money from Venmo to Zelle
Venmo and Zelle, two significant players in mobile money, have advantages. While Venmo is valid for digital wallets, Zelle provides quick bank transactions.
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Venmo and Zelle are popular mobile money apps that simplify transactions in the digital age. Venmo, known for its social aspect, enables users to share payment activities with friends. It’s widely used for casual transactions and splitting bills. 

In contrast, Zelle emphasizes seamless bank-to-bank transfers, prioritizing speed and security. Both apps provide convenient solutions for users seeking hassle-free and efficient peer-to-peer payments in today’s cashless society.

How do you Send Money from Venmo to Zelle?

To send money from Venmo to Zelle, follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Zelle App.
  • Sign up using your registered mobile number or email ID.
  • Tap the gear icon (top left) on the home screen to open the menu.
  • Select “Account” and choose “Switch Accounts” if a bank account is linked.
  • Enter Venmo debit card details: card number, expiration date, CVV, etc.
  • Provide the billing address associated with your Venmo card.
  • Receive a confirmation message indicating the successful update of card details.

Now, you can use Venmo with Zelle for seamless transactions.

Venmo or Zelle: Which Is Better?

Venmo and Zelle stand out as prominent players in the dynamic realm of mobile money apps, each contributing to simplifying peer-to-peer transactions. While they share a joint commitment to user-friendly interfaces and efficient payment processes, the nuances of their functionalities significantly distinguish them. 

Let’s delve into the similarities and differences between Venmo and Zelle, offering insights into their respective strengths and catering to diverse user preferences.


Venmo and Zelle, critical players in the mobile money landscape, share common ground in their commitment to simplifying peer-to-peer payments. Both platforms prioritize user-friendly interfaces, enabling seamless processes for splitting bills, repaying friends, and managing expenses. Additionally, both services operate within the United States, facilitating efficient domestic transactions.


While Venmo and Zelle share the goal of facilitating transactions, their fundamental differences lie in functionality. Venmo, owned by Paypal, operates as a versatile payment app. Users can store money in a digital wallet or link their bank accounts and cards for direct transactions. 

On the other hand, Zelle, backed by central banks through the “Early Warning Service,” functions solely as a transfer service. It expedites direct bank-to-bank transfers without storing funds, streamlining transactions for users who prioritize swift and secure bank transfers.

Venmo and Zelle Alternatives

Exploring alternatives to Venmo and Zelle is vital for users seeking diverse features, enhanced security, or compatibility with specific financial preferences. Options provide flexibility and ensure users find platforms aligning with their unique needs and priorities.


Beem, a robust alternative to Venmo and Zelle, emerges as the #1 Smart Wallet App. Offering Everdraft™, users can secure instant cash advance without interest or credit checks. Beem stands out with diverse options—send money, file taxes, and access a budget planner for comprehensive financial management. With security measures like PCI-DSS certification, Beem ensures worry-free transactions, making it a versatile and secure choice for users seeking an innovative financial solution.

Cash App

Cash App, a versatile finance app, caters to business owners, offering seamless money transfers, stock and bitcoin purchases, and debit card transactions. Users benefit from $cashtag for easy fund transfers across devices, customizable debit cards, and instant discounts on routine spending. 

While praised for its ease of use and quick setup, some users need help with customer service responsiveness and transaction reversals. Cash App stands out as an alternative for businesses seeking diverse financial functionalities.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay, a formidable alternative to Venmo and Zelle, revolutionizes secure and private transactions through iOS apps. Utilizing Touch ID for seamless payments, users can make purchases by hovering their iPhones over NFC terminals. With an anonymous token system, credit card data remains secure.

While widely accepted, occasional glitches and limited merchant acceptance are considerations. Easy integration, extensive market usage, and enhanced security make Apple Pay a robust choice for convenient and secure digital transactions.


Chime, a leading online financial technology company, distinguishes itself as an alternative to traditional banks. Partnering with The Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank, it offers FDIC-insured checking and savings accounts, ensuring the safety of deposited funds. 

With no monthly or overdraft fees, Chime provides a seamless banking experience, allowing users to round up purchases for savings. Although lacking branch access, its extensive ATM network and early direct deposit make it ideal for those prioritizing fee-free digital banking. Cash deposits, however, incur fees.

Google Pay

Google Pay, formerly known as Android Pay, is a secure digital wallet for Android users, offering a cloud-based solution for payments via smartphones and tablets. Users can make secure purchases using virtual account numbers as an alternative to Google Wallet. 

With features like fingerprint authentication and integration with services like M-Pesa, Google Pay provides convenience and security. However, its usability may need to be improved in places favoring other mobile payment options. It serves as a noteworthy alternative for users seeking a versatile payment solution.


The diverse landscape of mobile money apps provides users with various options to cater to their specific financial needs. Whether it’s the social and versatile nature of Venmo, the seamless bank-to-bank transfers of Zelle, the innovative features of Beem, or the extensive capabilities of Apple Pay, Cash App, Chime, and Google Pay, users can choose platforms that align with their preferences for convenience, security, and functionality in the ever-evolving realm of digital transactions.


What information do I need to send money from Venmo to Zelle?

To send money from Venmo to Zelle, you can link Venmo debit card to Zelle by entering your card details.

Is there a maximum limit for transferring money from Venmo to Zelle?

The maximum limit for transferring money from Venmo to Zelle depends on the individual limits set by each platform. It may vary, so users should check their specific account terms.

Are there any fees associated with transferring money from PayPal to Revolut?

The fees associated with transferring money from PayPal to Revolut depend on both services’ specific terms and conditions, and users should review their respective fee structures for accurate information.

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