Instant Cash For Junk Cars

Planning to earn money by selling old stuff? How about that old car in your garage? Read on to know about selling platforms and tips to get you the best price for your vehicle.
Instant Cash For Junk Cars
Instant Cash For Junk Cars
Make sure to deep wash and clean your car. This will give the buyer a good first impression of your car. Also, waxing and polishing the car's body will bring back its original shine and get you the best price.
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Are you on a quest to find ways of earning some extra cash? Do not overlook the old car in your driveway! Selling any vehicle in its old yet prime time, can get you good money. Your approach to selling your car will decide if this process will be smooth or complex. Let’s help you sell your car for instant cash! This article will discuss selling options, the available online platforms, and required tips and tricks to follow while selling your car to potential buyers!

Instant Cash for Junk Cars

Here is a list of online websites and applications that will get you instant cash for your junk cars


This platform prioritizes the user and provides an ideal user experience. You can get instant online quotes and after negotiation and can schedule the pickup time according to your convenience. Wheelzy wants its customers to have the maximum returns after providing free towing! The quotes you get might not always be the highest but this decision will depend on your car’s condition and the market prices. 


DamagedCars works for multiple niches, and buying junkyard cars is one of them. The process is quick and hassle-free on this platform. The company provides online quotes within seconds and helps in guaranteed towing. They may have a low focus on volume when compared to other platforms. However, this business prioritizes its users. 


If you want to sell the parts of your car, PicknPull is the ideal stop! This platform focuses on salvaging yards and allowing customers to drop their cars for towing. You can get a quote online or at their yards. It is perfect for eco-friendly buyers and sellers who want to reuse car parts. 

Cash for Cars

The Cash for Car website is user-friendly and has an instant quote option. Their offers are competitive and the company aims to achieve a smoother transaction process for all its customers. You can select your car’s year, search by VIN, car model, etc.  to provide more information about your car.


Peddle’s website says, “Fast Cash for Slow Cars.” The website provides easy navigation for sellers and you can get a legitimate offer in minutes along with a free pickup/towing benefit. This platform claims to have bought, repurposed, and sold over 2 million cars!

How to Get Instant Cash for Your Junk Car

If your unwanted car is draining your space and wallet, don’t worry! We will help you convert that junk car into an instant source of money. Here’s how!

Selling to Junkyards and Scrap Yards

  1. Local junkyards and scrap yards help you sell your junk car. 
  2. You can contact them online or visit any yard near you. 
  3. These scrap yards will inspect and compare your car’s weight with present metal scrap prices. (Steel, Copper and Aluminium)
  4. After examining the car’s overall condition, you can get instant cash for your car.

Online Services and Apps

  1. Various online services and apps are available for seller convenience and at different prices. 
  2. Here, you can network with car buyers, including junkyards and independent customers. 
  3. Online services allow you to list your car and let you answer questions about your car’s condition, model, and location.
  4. You will also get a quote from interested buyers. You can evaluate the price, compare, and finalize the deal.

Private Buyers and Hobbyists

  1. Selling your car to private buyers and hobbyists can get you the highest price.  
  2. If you have a car with repairable parts or if it was ever a well-known model, going for this option will suit you the best. 
  3. Sellers can advertise their cars online, at marketplaces, or online forums to attract buyers. 
  4. You can target car enthusiasts or mechanics looking for specific car parts. 

Preparing Your Car for Sale

Getting your car ready for sale can upgrade its speed and price. Here are some tips!

Deep cleaning: The first impression of your car will decide its price. Deep washing and cleaning your car inside and out will help you significantly with the price. You can also wax and polish the car’s body to bring back its original shine. Further, vacuum clean and clear the car’s insides. Give special attention to carpets and seats. 

Mechanical problems: A buyer will look for the perfect car they can find. So, make sure your car is in a good working condition. If your car has problems related to lights, engines, noises, brackets, etc, hire a professional to fix these mechanical issues.

Completing paperwork: Keep all the necessary documents ready. Having the car’s title, registration, and service records will help your case. Collect these documents in one folder for the buyers to examine.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal

Selling your car is a significant step. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best price while making it possible for the buyer to get a fair deal as well:

  1. Research the market value of similar car models. Then, try setting your car’s price similar to the market price. 
  2. Don’t go to the first buyer you come across. Look around, and don’t be afraid of negotiating.
  3. Consider additional costs like taxes, shipping, cleaning, repair, and other charges. 
  4. You can walk away from a deal if it does not match your price point. Make sure to look like a genuine seller who wants to sell at a reasonable price. 
  5. Always be aware and beware of scams. Meet the buyer at a public place or through a trustworthy third-party platform. Do not share personal information that may affect your privacy. 

Getting Instant Cash has Become Easy with Beem!

Instant cash is better than a junk car sitting in your garage. Do your research and find all the options to sell your car to a junkyard or private owner. Be patient, as negotiations can take time. Contact the buyer and let them know the details of your car to build trust and complete the deal.

You can also check Beem and explore the Everdraft™ feature. This platform, trusted by more than 5 million Americans, will help you get instant cash! You can get emergency funds without any interest or credit checks. You will face no income restrictions and get up to $1000 without a due date. Pay back whenever you have money in your bank account! Try Beem now!


How do I get rid of an old car near me?

You can get rid of an old car by selling it for instant cash. You can sell it to junkyards, look for car-selling services online, or find a private buyer. Whenever you are selling, take good pictures and convey details like the model name, features, and working parts. Be honest about your car’s condition to avoid conflicts. 

Where is the best place to sell a car that needs work?

The best to sell your car will depend on multiple factors. If you want quick money or lower prices, junkyards are ideal. However, private buyers can pay more but require time and effort. Online services can get you early cash with minimum effort!

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