Rachael Richard

Content Writer and Consultant, Financial Earning and Jobs Expert
Committed, organized and adept at handling priorities with a positive attitude, Rachael is a financial earning and jobs expert. She is passionate about teaching, blogging, classical dance and singing. She loves to teach and find new ways to explain concepts.


PhD (pursuing, awaiting thesis submission) in Botany, MSc in Plant Science and Herbal Wealth, BSc in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology


Research Scholar and Lecturer at St Joseph’s University, Bangalore


Good listener
Financial earning
Jobs specialist

Articles written by Rachael Richard

How To Make Money As A Stay-at-Home Dad

How To Make Money As A Stay-at-Home Dad

Being a stay-at-home parent can be a full-time job. However, it does not come with a paycheck. But. there's hope for stay-at-home dads looking to grow his savings from the comfort of his home. Here's how a stay-at-home dad can make money without leaving the house. Let's find out how!
Can My Dad Gift Me Money

Can My Dad Gift Me Money?

Different tax rules and reporting requirements apply to cash gifts depending on the gift amount and if you're the giver or receiver. If you are receiving a cash gift from your father or any other relative, you must know when and how to report that money to the IRS. Let's understand the details.
Side Hustles for Physical Therapists

Side Hustles for Physical Therapists

Are you eager to increase your earning potential in physical therapy? Explore a plethora of side hustle opportunities targeted to your talents and interests. Let's look at these fantastic options further!
Side Hustles for Physician Assistants

Side Hustles for Physician Assistants

Physician assistants have unique abilities that make them perfect for various side jobs. This comprehensive guide will help you discover exciting opportunities that align with your expertise and interests.
Side Hustles For Artists

Side Hustles For Artists

Explore a variety of artist-specific side hustles, including selling tangible things and photography, blogging, and event planning. These provide you with the opportunity to enthusiastically share your artistic work with the world. Let us know more!
Best Side Hustles For Therapists

Best Side Hustles For Therapists

This article discusses various excellent side hustles for therapists. Such roles can provide additional income and impart new abilities that are beneficial for progressing a career in therapy.
Best Side Hustles For Accountants

Best Side Hustles For Accountants

If you're an accountant trying to increase your income, consider freelance accounting. This flexible service allows you to maintain financial records for others. Additionally, offering financial advice or supporting companies with accounting issues can be profitable side hustles that leverage your knowledge.
Side Hustles for Couples 

Side Hustles for Couples 

Discover a variety of side hustles for couples, including blogging, virtual assistance, renting out space, and teaching. Read how these options help increase income and promote cooperation, communication, and shared goals, enhancing your financial and personal lives.
How to Earn $8000 a Month

How to Earn $8000 a Month [2024]

With digitalization, social networking, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing thrive, providing opportunities to earn thousands of dollars monthly. Learn how to use these trends to your advantage and make $8,000 monthly today!
How to Earn $7000 a Month

How to Earn $7000 a Month [2024]

Making an additional $7,000 every month sounds interesting. That's a significant amount of extra money that might allow you to live a little larger - pay off debts faster, increase your savings, and indulge in particular wants. Let us explore more!
How to Earn $6000 a Month

How to Earn $6000 a Month [2024]

Discover 15 easy methods to earn $6,000 monthly, including freelancing, blogging, drop servicing, and Amazon FBA. Let's go into the specifics and discover your route to financial success!
Best Side hustles for introverts

Best Side Hustles For Introverts 

Social media managers are in great demand. If you are good at planning and understanding trends, this might be your calling.
How to Earn $4000 a Month

How to Earn $4000 a Month [2024]

Are you curious about increasing your monthly income by $4000? Discover 14 new options, from blogging and internet freelancing to gig economy employment and real estate rentals. Let's discover how to transform your leisure time into a significant income!
How to Save Money From Salary?

How To Save Money From Salary?

Learn practical ways to save money directly from your income. Discover budgeting tricks, expense-cutting tactics, and intelligent savings habits suited to your salary level, allowing you to develop a solid financial foundation.
How to Earn $100K a Month

How to Earn $100K a Month

Are you curious about earning $100K every month? Discover twelve inventive options, from dividend investing and rental properties to creating a SaaS company and becoming a public speaker. Let's talk about how you can reach your financial objectives!

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