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How to Cancel Brigit

Subscription in Few Steps

Need to cancel your Brigit subscription? Learn how to do it in a few easy steps and manage your finances effectively.


Brigit is a financial wellness app designed to empower Americans to achieve brighter financial futures. The app provides various features within its subscription plan. However, users are required to pay a monthly fee of $9.99 under the app's "Plus" plan to access advances, which is notably the highest mandatory fee among loan apps. 

Suppose you are a member of Brigit and need to cancel your Brigit App subscription or membership. In that case, this comprehensive guide will assist you through the simple steps to cancel the Brigit App at any time in 2024, granting you full control over your financial decisions.

How to Cancel Brigit [Step by Step]

Brigit offers two membership plans: a ‘Free membership plan’ and a ‘subscription membership plan.’ As you need to delete your account with Brigit, both types of membership have their own cancellation steps.

For Free Plan:

When you have a free membership to Brigit, and you want to cancel  your membership account, you should follow these steps:

Step 1

Login into your Brigit account with your phone number or email address on the website at

Step 2

Go to the settings menu

Step 3

Select ‘Delete my account’ option to delete

Step 4

Confirm to delete your account. You have been successfully deleted from Brigit.

For Subscription Plan:

If you are a subscription member of Brigit, there are also different steps to delete your account. Here are the cancellation steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your Brigit account on the website at or via the Brigit App.

  2. Go to the settings menu

  3. Select the option ‘Your membership’ > ‘Switch to free plan.’

  4. Scroll down and select the green text that says ‘Pause or switch plan’

  5. Scroll down and select the green text that says ‘Switch to the Free plan’

  6. Fill in the reason or why you want to leave and then tap on ‘Submit and switch to free’

  7. Back to the setting option and select ‘Delete My Account’

  8. Give confirmation to delete your account

  9. The deleting process is done.

Methods of Cancellation

Canceling your Brigit account can be very easy, as they offer multiple cancellation options. Brigit offers two types of cancellation methods. You can delete your active account by applying directly from the website or by requesting it through email. If you are deleting your account via the Brigit app, you can select ‘Delete my Account’ from its settings menu, and your account will be deleted. 

The second way to delete your account is by mailing it to Brigit's insurer. To do so, email the company at [email protected] requesting they cancel or delete your Brigit membership account and state your reason for cancellation. The company will cancel your account, and you will receive confirmation mail from them.

Brigit's Refund Policy

After canceling with Brigit, the good news is that you can potentially receive a refund for your paid fees. However, the bad news is that this refund is not always guaranteed. If the refund resulted from a bank error, such as a processing delay or technical issue, you stand a good chance of getting the fees refunded.


How Much Can You Save After Canceling Your Brigit Subscription?

After terminating your subscription to Brigit, the refund amount varies depending on your subscription package. Canceling a Brigit subscription saves approximately $120 annually, considering its $9.99 monthly fee. Without the subscription, you can avoid spending $2.50 for each advance request, potentially saving more if you frequently request advances. Eliminating the subscription removes the risk of overdraft fees, averaging $35 per occurrence. Savings also include avoiding potential late fees, which can vary but typically range from $25 to $40. Canceling Brigit can yield significant annual savings on fees and subscription costs. 

Where Can You Invest That Amount?

The process after receiving a refund from Brigit, you have various investment options. You should use this refund to subscribe to a better financial support app than Brigit, which offers better features like overdraft protection, personal loans, or tax filing assistance. Alternatively, consider strategic investment approaches like exploring low-cost index funds or ETFs to diversify your portfolio. Investing in short-term goals can be met with high-yield savings accounts or CDs, while long-term growth may involve contributions to retirement accounts like a 401(k) or IRA.

Alternatives to Brigit


Beem is a user-friendly financial app that allows users to compare quotes from various lenders to get the best insurance rates. It also features money transfers, tax filing, budgeting, credit monitoring, Everdraft, and different insurance options to help users manage their money seamlessly.


Dave is a popular financial app that provides interest-free cash advances, budgeting assistance, and automatic overdraft protection to help users avoid costly fees and maintain financial stability.

Best Egg

Best Egg is a versatile financial platform specializing in personal loans, offering competitive rates and a straightforward application process to assist users in easily achieving their financial goals.


Canceling your Brigit account eliminates the need to wait on the phone for customer service or navigate confusing cancellation processes. Brigit simplifies subscription management, making it easy for you to save money. Additionally, Brigit offers a detailed breakdown of your subscriptions, allowing you to see where your money is allocated. This feature helps identify and cancel unnecessary subscriptions, redirecting funds toward your financial goals. Exploring Brigit alternatives can enhance your financial support experience, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable journey towards your financial objectives.

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