Top 10 PayPal Alternatives you can try in 2024

We outline the main PayPal alternatives you should consider and explain the essential functionality that most payment processors provide.
PayPal Alternatives
Top 10 PayPal Alternatives you can try in 2024
Here, we comprehensively analyze some prominent PayPal alternatives, assessing their features, limitations, and suitability for diverse user needs.
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In online transactions, PayPal has long reigned as a dominant player, offering a seamless payment experience. However, exploring alternative payment platforms has become imperative, considering the evolving digital commerce landscape and varying user preferences. Here is the summary of Paypal Alternatives

AppProsConsSending LimitsData Security
BeemInstant transfers, free U.S. transfers, non-bank account recipient optionsLimited availability (Australia only)Not specifiedSecure transfers
StripeTrusted by e-commerce businesses, reliableInitial complexity for non-coders, high customizationNo set limits (minimum thresholds apply)Robust security features
PayoneerGlobal transactions, currency conversion, escrow paymentsLimited free account features, transaction fees, local transfer chargesVaries (USD limits: $50 minimum, $100,000 maximum)Secure transactions, market exchange rates
Google PayConvenient (Gmail integration, NFC), no debit transaction feesLimited setup/cancellation info, slow bank transfersVerified: $5,000; Unverified: $500NFC mobile payments, secure transactions
SkrillZero deposit fees, low withdrawals, chargeback protectionLimited merchant acceptanceVaries by account level ($0-$unlimited)Chargeback protection, advanced fraud management
SquareFeature-rich free POS software, integrated servicesMay not be ideal for complex industriesUp to $10,000 instant transfers (no daily limits)Secure payment processing, intuitive dashboards
2CheckoutRobust subscription tools, extensive international reachLimited to online paymentsVaries by package (minimum $50 or $100)International compliance, secure transactions
Amazon PayNo purchase fees, secure transactionsHigher fees for Alexa/cross-border transactions, limited user base$500 monthly limit (typical)Secure transactions through Amazon account
TransferWiseUser-friendly interface, low fees, fast transfersSlow customer service, limited card servicesVaries (up to 1.6 million USD)Low fees, transparency, reliable transactions
DwollaLow transaction fees, white-label serviceNo credit card transactionsVerified: $10,000 per transfer; Unverified: $5,000 weeklySecure transactions, 99.9% uptime

Top 10 PayPal alternatives

Discover various financial options besides PayPal, providing secure transactions, cost-effective fees, and customized services for global payments.

1. Beem

trybeemapp logo

Beem revolutionizes payment accessibility by enabling instant transfers, even to non-account holders, fostering convenience and inclusivity in transactions.

Sending Limits

Beem offers diverse payments, free U.S. transfers, and various options for non-bank account recipients.

Data Security

Beem ensures secure transfers, links for non-users, and seamless transactions from linked accounts/cards.

2. Stripe


Stripe, available for U.S. and Canada-based businesses, offers transparent fees of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction. Self-hosted checkout process.


  • Trusted by e-commerce businesses.
  • Used by major companies like Amazon, Google, and Lyft, showcasing reliability.


  • Initial complexity for non-coders due to high customization.
  • Understanding all features requires extra effort despite wide global usage.

Sending Limits

Stripe has no set limits on payout amounts but requires minimum thresholds, typically starting at one base unit of currency.

Data Security

Stripe’s robust features ensure secure transactions, offering insights via customer interfaces, fraud prevention, and integrations.

3. Payoneer


Payoneer’s diverse offerings cater to varied user needs, providing global transaction capabilities, currency conversion, and unique features like escrow payments.


  • Operates in 150+ countries, enabling global transactions.
  • Offers a free account with direct bank withdrawals and a prepaid card option.


  • Limited free account availability.
  • Transaction fees for various services.
  • Charges for local transfers.
  • Fees for non-Payoneer accounts.

Sending Limits

Payoneer’s USD limits: Minimum per payment – $50, Send Daily – $25,000, Receive Daily – $25,000, Send Monthly – $50,000, Receive Monthly – $100,000.

Data Security

Payoneer supports secure transactions with market exchange rates, escrow payments, and currency conversion features for international transactions.

4. Google Pay

Google pay

Google Pay offers versatile payment methods, integrating with Gmail, NFC technology, and various business tools for convenient transactions.


  • Convenient payment attachment to Gmail messages.
  • No fees on debit transactions, unlike PayPal’s 2.9% charge.


  • Limited information on setup and cancellation procedures.
  • Transaction speed varies; bank account payments take 3-5 days.

Sending Limits

Sending or settling limits: $5,000 if verified, $500 if identity isn’t verified.

Data Security

Google Pay incorporates NFC mobile payments, offering secure transactions and business tools like loyalty programs and enhancing user experiences.

5. Skrill


With varying merchant fees and account levels, Skrill offers cost-effective transactions, limited merchant acceptance, and zero deposit fees.


  • Zero deposit fees and low withdrawals.
  • Chargeback protection, multilingual service.
  • Simple API enhances user experience.


  • Limited merchant acceptance compared to PayPal, especially at major retailers.

Sending Limits

Skrill’s sending limits: Level 1 – $0 to $999.99, Level 2 – $1,000 to $2,999.99, Level 3 – $3,000 to unlimited.

Data Security

Skrill emphasizes security with features like chargeback protection, advanced fraud management, and frictionless payments, ensuring safe user transactions.

6. Square


Like PayPal, Skrill focuses on international transactions, offering chargeback protection, multilingual support, and frictionless user payments.


  • Feature-rich, free POS software.
  • Integrated services, aiding retailers.


  • Might need more specialization for complex industries seeking more tailored systems.

Sending Limits

Square allows instant transfers of up to $10,000 per transfer, available 24/7, with no restrictions on daily transfers.

Data Security

Square’s platform emphasizes secure payment processing and intuitive dashboards, keeping business data consolidated and secure for retailers.

7. 2Checkout


2Checkout offers robust subscription tools and extensive international reach, catering to online businesses seeking global payment solutions and analysis.


  • Subscription tools for managing and analyzing subscription data
  • Extensive international reach with support for multiple payment methods and currencies. 


  • Limited to accepting online payments, not suitable for businesses selling offline products or services.

Sending Limits

Based on your package selection, the minimum transfer limit for USD on 2Checkout is $50 or $100.

Data Security

The platform emphasizes international compliance, providing consistent transaction fees worldwide, with additional charges in specific countries for cross-border payments.

8. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay facilitates seamless online checkouts using stored Amazon account data, offering secure transactions without additional user fees.


  • No fees for purchases.
  • Secure transactions, tracked via Amazon.


  • Slightly higher fees for Alexa transactions and cross-border transactions, affecting cost efficiency.
  • Primarily suitable for frequent Amazon users, limiting broader appeal.

Sending Limits

The typical monthly limit for Amazon Pay transactions is $500 in most instances.

Data Security

Transactions via Amazon Pay are safe and trackable through an Amazon account, ensuring secure purchases for users on third-party sites.

9. TransferWise


TransferWise, known for cost-effective international transactions, streamlines payments for businesses and freelancers, offering low fees and simplified cross-border transactions.


  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Transparent, low fees offered.
  • Timely completion of cash transfers.


  • Slow, challenging customer service experience.
  • Limited card services availability.

Sending Limits

TransferWise has varying sending limits: 1,000,000 USD for local transfers and 1,600,000 USD for Swift transfers.

Data Security

The platform emphasizes low fees, transparency, and timely cash transfers, ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness for users.

10. Dwolla


Dwolla prides itself on its developer-friendly approach, offering low transaction fees and a white-label service for personalized branding.


  • Low 0.5% transaction fees.
  • White-label ACH payment service.


  • No credit card transactions.
  • Need for separate credit card processing.

Sending Limits

Dwolla has sending limits: $10,000 per transfer for verified individuals or businesses and $5,000 per week for unverified customers.

Data Security

Dwolla ensures reliable transactions and user data protection with 99.9% uptime, sophisticated security measures, and predictable pricing.

Which PayPal Alternative Is Right for You?

Selecting the ideal payment platform depends on your unique business requirements, transaction volumes, global reach, and user preferences. Carefully evaluate the pros, cons, sending limits, and data security measures each alternative offers to align with your needs.


In a market teeming with diverse payment platforms, exploring PayPal alternatives becomes pivotal to cater to various business models and user demands. Be it Beem’s moderate limits, Stripe’s robust integration capabilities, or TransferWise’s fee transparency, each alternative presents distinct advantages. 

Assessing your priorities and business requirements will guide you toward selecting the most suitable PayPal alternative, providing a seamless and secure payment experience for your transactions.

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