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How to Cancel a TurboTax

Subscription in a few minutes

Learn how to cancel your TurboTax subscription step by step, discover potential savings after canceling, and explore alternatives to TurboTax in this comprehensive guide

To cancel your TurboTax Subscription, follow these easy steps:

Step 1

Log into your account.

Step 2

Go to 'TurboTax Advantage' on the right hand panel.

Step 3

Select 'Remove Product' next to the subscription(s) you wish to cancel.

Step 4

Answer the follow up prompts to confirm.

TurboTax Refund Policy

TurboTax Desktop offers refunds with conditions. When errors occur in individual returns, TurboTax will repay any penalties and interest resulting from their calculations, except for payment plans.

Additionally, both individual and business returns have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Please note that these guarantees have limitations. Refer to TurboTax’s License Agreement for more details.

How Much You Can Save After Canceling Your TurboTax Subscription?

Depending on the product type one picks and the billing period, canceling your subscriptions to Turbotax can save you a lot of money. While canceling any plan, you can save $50 -130 $ per month. 

Where to Invest that Amount?

After canceling TurboTax subscriptions and saving some cash, consider making wise investments to help it raise its finances.

  1. Deposit the money in a high savings account that earns good interest yet is always accessible.

  2. One must diversify one's investment portfolios by investing in index funds that can enable long-term stock market expansion.

  3. For future financial security, contributing to IRAs or 401(k)’s is wise as it will come with tax benefits.


Alternatives to TurboTax

If you are looking for other software apart from Vertex ProSeries Tax that can be used for taxation purposes, then here are some of them:


Vertex is the best tax technology solution provider, offering innovative software and services to streamline business tax compliance and reporting processes.

ProSeries Tax

ProSeries Tax is one of the most influential tax preparation software developed by Intuit. It simplifies filing taxes on behalf of accounting professionals and tax preparers.

With seamless integration features and a vast library of tax forms, this platform makes it easy for users to do their taxes using ProSeries Tax while efficiently focusing on their client's needs.

Your TurboTax subscription may show up on your statement:




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INTUIT *TURBOTAX, 800-446-8848, CA


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