Veterans Day 2020 – 10 Ways To Celebrate And Honor Veterans

Celebrate Veterans Day amid the pandemic by donating, supporting veteran businesses, teaching, displaying the flag, and thanking veterans for their service.
Veterans Day 2020 – 10 Ways To Celebrate And Honor Veterans
Veterans Day is a meaningful, great occasion to spend quality time, talk and cherish about veterans, and their memories. Celebrating Veterans Day in the midst of a pandemic can be demanding owing to the shortage of funds and job losses.
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Festivities can be special beyond the tempting deals and flashy ads provided you make up your mind to deal with the financial situation and at the same time fulfill the responsibility of continuing the tradition while setting an example for the younger generations.

With parades banned across the nation, here are few ways to honor the veterans who gave it all for the country and its people.

Donate To Help Veterans

There are hundreds and thousands of nonprofits that work to support veterans and address issues affecting their families. At a time when social distancing is the norm sponsoring a meal for the veterans is a safe and easy way to contribute to the occasion. Whether it’s financial support or time, donate to organizations that take care of our veterans. It is understandable that you may not have enough funds to make donations but taking help from an emergency fund can help you fulfill your wish.

Support Veteran Businesses

Veterans have a number of small businesses that they run for their livelihood. There are tons of online services and stores that sell various products. If you are in need of any daily expenses that match these stores try placing an order and help in their business revenue while you remember their sacrifice.

Many stores and restaurants offer promotions on Veterans Day to military men, women, and their families. Show your support by shopping and ordering stuff sold by these great men.

Teach The Younger Generations

Explain to your family members or children that Veterans Day celebrates all members of the military, those who have served previously, and those who are currently serving, those who have served in times of war as well as peace.

Honouring The Veterans

Take some time out to acknowledge veterans and their contributions by a simple gesture such as wearing a yellow ribbon or taking a moment of silence to thank those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice to show your support.

Display The American Flag

Veteran’s Day is the perfect and ideal time to display the American Flag. Relive their moments with your parents, share memories, take pictures, – these activities are all necessary if you prefer to stay home and have a relaxing day. The more you guys and gals are, the better- if possible, gather your whole family- children will love it!

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Take Advantage Of the Numerous Discounts

Enjoy the special discounts for veterans on Veterans Day, a discount on a free meal or on any departmental stores can also be a great occasion to meet up the veterans and thank them for their commitment to making this world a better and peaceful place.

Plant A Tulip or Poppy

An everlasting way to honor veterans is by planting a commemorative tulip or poppy to show your appreciation and love on Veterans Day. Poppy is the official flower of the American Legion to memorialize the comrades who served and died in World War I.

Recognising The Veterans Of Your Family

The movement of people has restrictions due to the pandemic and most of us have relatives who have served in the military but it may not be something you are often reminded of or have shared with your children. Veterans Day is a worthwhile opportunity to think of family members who served our nation and introduce them to your kids by drawing a family tree, pulling out pictures, or meeting them over a video call.

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Say A Big Thank You

The simplest way to show courtesy is by saying a big thank you. Veterans sacrifice time and are away from their families, risk their lives, and their mental health in order to safeguard our country and freedom.

Saying thank you with a card or a letter is a simple and pure way to show a veteran your support. These two words could make their entire day and feel proud to be a veteran.

 Adopt A Military Family

Adopting some military families – like those with veteran families on very limited incomes, a deployed parent, or families of veterans seriously injured in a mishap can be a generous initiative.

You can sponsor a gift card for groceries to help with a holiday meal. Helping these families have a happier holiday is a simple way to show your appreciation for their dedication.

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Karthik Viveka

Karthik Viveka

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