10 Ways To Make New Year’s Eve 2020 Extra Special

As the year comes to a close, it remains crucial to prioritize Covid-19 safety measures. Despite the restrictions, there are many enjoyable ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home.
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10 Ways To Make New Year’s Eve 2020 Extra Special
Although the year is coming to a dramatic close, it's more important than ever to continue being watchful about Covid-19 safety practices like wearing face masks, social distancing, and limiting a person to person contact as much as possible. The festival season has been restricted with the main theme being individuals should limit their social gatherings in order to lower the risk of Covid-19 spread.

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The New Year’s Eve plans might not be different either and should include staying at home. Now, that should not dampen the spirits of celebrating your New Year’s Eve plans and end up in boredom!

There are so many creative and fun ways to mark the closure of 2020 at home.

Here are a few ways to enjoy and make things rocking and special.

Set The Floor On Fire With A Dance Party

With proper planning and spirit, any room can be transformed into a dance floor. Turn on some rocking and peppy tunes, get the family moving with foot-tapping music, and raise the roof to ring in the arrival of 2021. You could even switch off the lights and use some glow sticks or LED light-up wands for a vibrant ambiance.

Capture The Priceless Moments By Setting Up A Photo Booth

Photos are like time machines; they take you down the memory lane to relive your past in repeat mode. So, make it a night to remember by setting up a photo booth for the kids to have fun and enjoy.

Look, the stage is yours. Nobody is going to judge your creativity so select and pick a corner, pull out the old Halloween costumes or any other festive props, and let your kids go on creative mode. The photos can be great to virtually share the enjoyment on your social channels to wish pals a happy new year.

Bring On The Old Photos Or Home Movies

We always love to love in the past because the future is uncertain and hence going back in time is a sure shot way to spend time. As we move into a new year, gather all those sweet memories through old photos or watching your favorite movies at home. This will be a bull’s eye because it is a tested method and will surely put a smile on everyone’s face and is a great reminder of how far they’ve come this past year.

Create A Family Time Capsule

A time capsule idea will be like straight out of a Christopher Nolan or a Ridley Scott movie. We all know how this year went by due to the pandemic and nobody really got an opportunity to express their feelings. The quarantine was a big jolt to everyone’s roadmap. No issues, ask each family member to jot down their wishes and dreams for the year 2021. Then, seal responses in a jar or box with other memorable items to open during next New Year’s Eve.

Let’s hope the New Year gets back everything on track!

Board Games, Anyone?

People stayed indoors for the most part of the year and the trend is still continuing but if there was one thing that was a rage then it has to be board games. They are in all shapes and sizes with every new game keeping the excitement alive. Considered to be one of the favorite past times for millennials until the advent of smartphones, video games, and PlayStations. It was so heart-warming to see them back in action!

Now, it’s time to get them back. Pump up your family and get them energized with a little competition. Find and lock a few games where everyone can enjoy. Host a tournament of your family favorites and let them lock horns with a contest.

Contests are incomplete without prizes and hence consider giving out some fun goodies to keep everyone engaged.

DIY Dessert Bar

Kids are the cynosure of all eyes irrespective of the occasion and watching them play around and having lots of fun is a sight to behold. Give them a fun task and see how they will show their dedication.

Set up a dessert bar, and let your kids work and create a confetti-themed treat with some already pre-made cupcakes topped with frosting. Mix it up with a variety of confetti colored toppings, like decorating icing, sprinkles, and colorful fruity pebbles cereal or candy pieces, on hand for everyone to use and show off their inborn talent and make their own masterpiece.

The Virtual Hangout

The virtual world has been the savior and helped us stay in touch at any time of the day. Long-distance relationships and meeting your loved ones have become so easy with the virtual experience. Continuing that trend take out some time and say hi to friends and family you haven’t been able to meet and see for a long time. Never allow your well-wishers to feel isolated during the tough times.

This is a great way to keep the kids occupied too and get some face time with grandparents or others who might be isolated due to unavoidable circumstances apart from the COVID situation.

Witness An Early Countdown

A countdown is always extra special because of the suspense that it creates even though we know we are aware of what is in store.

The moment people say New Year all that comes to your mind is the adrenaline rush to watch the countdown. It gives you Goosebumps to shout out a ‘Happy New year’ as loud as you can. Get ready by hosting a New Year’s Eve countdown on December 31. When the clock strikes 12.00 let all your friends and families residing all over the world ring 2021!

The countdown has begun to start your preparations!

DIY Party Favors

When you are hosting a party it is very important to get the ambiance and mood right. While food and drinks are a part of the entire event a party favor for the guests are equally important because they will be cherishing it for a very long time.

The choice is yours either you make them at your home or pick up some party favors at the nearest local store. Never mind if they cost a few dollars. Take help from plenty of tutorials available online for fun-filled party favors the tiny tots will enjoy.

What better way to welcome the New Year than with some fun party poppers the kids will enjoy making and eating.

Jazz-Up Your At-Home New Year Celebration

Look, this year the bad moments have been higher than the good ones and everyone’s wishing it ends soon. But a few positives that you can take from this year are the check on your spending and how crucial it is to have an emergency fund. The question is with all this going on should a celebration really matter and for what? Well, it is just a matter of time before COVID-19 is eradicated and people get back to their normal lives but the fun factor should never leave you.

If you have decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a little more low-key fashion then so be it. Think about ways you can make it a memorable and jolly one. For example, there is no reason why you can’t dress up and have a special meal. Whether you prepare it yourself or order it from your favorite restaurant, treat yourself this year and forget the negative vibes that have been hanging around.

After all, you have just spent more than 300 odd days working remotely, wearing masks, staying at home, and maintaining social distancing—a feat that is surely worth remembering and celebrating. You can even share your meal with family and friends and then play a few games after dinner all virtually.

Whether you are married with kids or single, make sure you make an album by snapping a few selfies of your evening. If you are in no mood to do any of these at least relax on a couch with a drink while you light a campfire or lit a candle or how about watching a movie of your choice?

Rules are meant to be followed only for staying safe from coronavirus and not for celebrating the New Year at the comfort of your home.

Stay safe and hope good times are ahead. Wish you a happy new year!

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Karthik Viveka

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