What is Anthony Cumia’s Net Worth?

Anthony Cumia, a well-known radio personality and co-host of the popular show ‘Opie and Anthony’, has had a significant impact on the broadcasting industry. In this blog, we explore Anthony Cumia’s net worth, and get details into his career achievements, financial journey and the various sources of his wealth.
What is Anthony Cumia's Net Worth?
What is Anthony Cumia’s Net Worth?
Anthony Cumia began his career in 1994 by submitting an O.J. Simpson parody song to a contest on Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes' show ‘Nighttime Attitude’. The duo launched the successful ‘Opie and Anthony’ program on WAFF in Boston in 1995.
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Anthony Cumia is among the most popular American Broadcasters and radio show hosts. He has a commendable Neworth among the people of his field. He has gained financial success by diversifying his source of income. He gained popularity as the co-host of “Opie and Anthony” in the entertainment industry. This blog will explore Anthony Cumia’s personal life, net worth, and professional journey. 

What is Anthony Cumia’s Net Worth?

Anthony Cumia has a net worth of $9 million, which he earned mainly from his professional career and business ventures. He has various income streams, such as hosting a famous show and owning a podcast. This helps him to live a comfortable life.

Cumia makes most of his money from Opie and Anthony’s show, which became very popular. He also makes a lot of money from subscriptions and advertisements on his podcast network, Compound Media. 


Anthony Cumia is a popular radio host, podcaster, and entrepreneur. 

Net Worth

Anthony Cumia’s estimated net worth in 2024 is around $5 million. Some of this wealth is generated by his radio shows, podcasts, and investment options.

Birth Date

Anthony Cumia was born on April 26, 1961.


He was born in Flushing, Queens, New York City. 


Anthony Cumia is a male podcaster. 


Anthony Cumia is about 5 feet 10 inches tall. His height complements his dominating personality in the radio industry.


His main profession is a radio presenter who hosts podcasts, He also co-hosted the famous “Opie and Anthony” show.


Anthony Cumia holds American nationality. 

Early Life

Anthony Cumia was born into an Italian-American family from Flushing, Queens. He has an elder brother named Joe and a younger sister named Dawn.

The family moved around Long Island, living in Elwood and East Islip. He attended Timber Point Elementary School and Elwood-John H. Glenn High School where he was taught by actress Joyce MacKenzie.

While his parents were apart, he lived with his Dad in San Juan Capistrano, California, throughout his early teens until they reunited. Before starting his radio career, Cumia installed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Influenced by Howard Stern and Don Imus, he aspired to enter radio.

Early Career

Anthony Cumia started his career early in 1994 by submitting an O.J. Simpson parody song to a contest conducted by Gregg “Opie” Hughes on his show “Nighttime Attitude.”

The two friends launched the “Opie and Anthony” program on WAFF in Boston in 1995. This was quickly successful but suffered a setback when they were let go due to the April Fool’s joke that misled public opinions in 1998.

However, this did not deter them from becoming bigwigs of radio as they eventually landed a slot on XM Satellite Radio in 2004. It was through their show that shock jocks became household names. This was the beginning of Cumia’s evergreen career in radio and podcasting.

Business Ventures

Cumia’s business ventures have had an immense impact on his net worth. Besides, The Comic Strip Live, which he owns, has been doing well as a business enterprise for him. This club has hosted some of the greatest comedians and has helped solidify Cumia’s position within the comedy industry.

Cumia also owns a production company known as Compound Media, which can be termed another successful venture. In addition to other shows, this company produces several podcasts, such as The Anthony Cumia Show.

The various income-generating avenues, including ticket sales, merchandise sold, and adverts, have enabled Cumia to make money from his business ventures.

How Much Anthony Cumia Has Donated to Charity 

Besides the radio and podcasting work he is best known for, Anthony Cumia also has a history of charity. Though specific details regarding his donations may not be well known by many, Cumia has participated in different fundraising events and supported multiple charity organizations throughout the years. His acts of philanthropy are not as much celebrated as his career success, but they demonstrate his dedication to helping others.

Brand Ambassador

Over time, Cumia’s deals with several brands and companies have allowed him to use his large following and popularity to advertise their products or services.

Some of the items endorsed by Cumia include the Bumble dating app and DraftKings sports betting platform, among others. The endorsements affirm his popularity and clout within the entertainment industry.

Financial Lessons You Can Learn from Anthony Cumia’s Career & Investments

Diversify Income Streams

Cumia’s success is that he has developed the capability to have various income streams. He has demonstrated from radio shows, podcasts, and businesses he has engaged in.

Strategic Partnerships

The collaboration highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in achieving professional success and growth.

Build a Loyal Audience

To achieve financial success, one should build a loyal audience like the Cumina. By engaging and knowing what they want, he produces content that people like and retains subscribers.


Anthony Cumia’s net worth is a testimony to his talent, hard work, and strategic financial choices. This journey takes us from his early days in Queens to his present position as a renowned radio host and successful entrepreneur who provides important lessons on accumulating wealth. He has been well rewarded for this through the effectiveness of diverse income streams, his ability to see opportunities in business, and his use of digital platforms.

For those looking to achieve similar success, tools like Beem can help make smart financial decisions tailored to individual needs and situations. Anthony Cumia’s career illustrates how commitment, invention, and strategy can result in significant financial rewards.

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