Best High-Yield Savings Accounts for College Students

A keen eye is required to identify high-yield savings accounts for college students. Study prominent competitors such as Beem, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, SoFi, and Affirm, and learn about each account’s unique features, perks, and potential downsides to make an informed selection.
Best High-Yield Savings Accounts for College Students
Best High-Yield Savings Accounts for College Students
Choosing the best high-yield savings account for college students entails more than just looking at enticing rates. This guide includes Beem, Affirm, Synchrony Bank, and others. Discover accounts with no monthly fees and outstanding rates that provide students with a firm foundation for financial progress.
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Selecting the best high-yield savings accounts for college students necessitates careful consideration. Aside from attractive rates, the real value is in the details; keep an eye out for minimum balances and limited promotional rates. Here, we highlight top-tier solutions that cut through the clutter. No monthly fees, minimum amount required, and rates that won’t go away. Put your money to work with Beem and watch it grow.

Online banks provide better rates and the ability to access funds from anywhere. The possibilities are numerous when selecting a savings account as a student, but selecting the appropriate one needs a keen eye. We’ve compiled a list of the best banking partners for student savings accounts, each with its features and benefits.

Best Savings Accounts for Students

Making wise decisions about savings accounts is an essential first step to managing your college finances. We have researched and compiled a list of the best student-centered providers. These accounts are designed to assist students on their journey to financial success:

  1. Beem

In a world with over 3 billion people, Beem’s iOS and Android applications pave the way for an inclusive high-trust network by breaking free from traditional constraints. This network connects credit-worthy college students with service providers smoothly, ushering in a new era of accessible financial services, particularly short-term personal credit. Beem, founded and championed by a dynamic team of innovators, has a track record of creating financial platforms with a massive 5 billion year-over-year effect.

With over the years in their clients’ interest, Beem is more than simply a financial platform; it is a guiding light blazing the way to real financial inclusion. College students accompany Beem on this cutting-edge heading as the future of financial services emerges, free of the constraints of established institutions, and financial inclusion changes from an aspiration to an actual reality.

Pros & Cons of Beem:

Inclusive financial network
Trust and creditworthiness focus
Access to affordable financial services
User-centric approach with customer insights
Experienced team with a proven track record
Limited historical data compared to traditional models
Potential challenges in widespread adoption

2. Bethpage Federal Credit Union Student Savings

Bethpage Federal Credit Union stands itself as a hidden treasure in the area, serving the unique needs of students. This financial institution will ensure your money works harder for you with an astounding 5.00% APY on the first $1,000 placed and 1.00% APY on the remaining amount. Another thing that makes Bethpage Federal Credit Union easy to access is that you only need $5 in the account daily to get the APY.

Pros & Cons of Bethpage Federal Credit Union:

Competitive APY
Minimum deposit just $5
Full control for account opener
Limited to New York
Limited physical branches
Higher APY limited to $1,000 balance

3. SoFi Checking and Savings Account

For students looking for a simple account that offers high interest, SoFi has you covered with their Checking and Savings Account. SoFi offers a comprehensive banking experience with a reasonable annual percentage yield (APY), low fees, and the extra benefit of early direct deposit. 

Pros & Cons of SoFi Checking and Savings Account:

Competitive APY
Few fees
Early direct deposit
Cash-back rewards with SoFi debit card
Large fee-free ATM network
Must sign up for direct deposit or deposit $5,000 monthly for highest rate
No standalone checking account
Limited account types

4. Affirm Savings

Affirm Savings stands out for its uncomplicated approach, providing an enticing annual percentage yield (APY) of 4.35% with no minimum or maintenance fees. For students who value transparency in their financial transactions, the Affirm app is an excellent option because of its user-friendly design and focus on simplicity.

Pros & Cons of Affirm Savings:

No maintenance fees or requirements
Competitive APY on total balance
Clean, easy-to-use app
No options for joint owner
No other bank accounts offered

5. Synchrony Bank High Yield Savings

A completely digital experience and a competitive annual percentage yield (APY) are what you can expect when you choose Synchrony Bank. This bank is perfect for students who like digital access and the ease of cash since it stands out with no monthly costs reimburses ATM fees, and offers an optional ATM card.

Pros & Cons of Synchrony Bank:

No monthly fee and few other feesATM fee reimbursementCompetitive APYHighly rated mobile appNo surcharge-free ATM networkNo physical branches

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6. Marcus by Goldman Sachs High-Yield Online Savings Account

Marcus by Goldman Sachs isn’t built just for students, but it does have a competitive annual percentage yield (APY) of 4.40% and doesn’t need a minimum deposit. With this digital option, kids can start saving right away, and no-penalty certificates of deposit are available for those who want more freedom to find other ways to save.

Pros & Cons of Marcus by Goldman Sachs:

No monthly fees
No minimum deposit requirement
Competitive rate
Mobile and online access 24/7
No mobile check deposit
No physical branches


Regarding high-yield savings accounts for college students, Beem emerges as more than simply a financial platform but a revolutionary ally on the path to true financial inclusion. Beem stands out for its unrelenting dedication to understanding people’s concerns and a track record of innovation.

However, above, we have given multiple options for high-yield savings accounts for students, and by joining any of these ground-changing platforms that suit your liking, you can break free from old constraints and embrace a future in which financial inclusion is a practical reality. These accounts’ inclusive financial network, user-centric strategy, and experienced team make it a beacon for students looking for more than simply financial services but a partner in their journey to financial empowerment.


Can a student open a high-yield savings account?

The Affirm Savings account is suitable for college students searching for a place to deposit their savings, with a 4.35% APY, minimums, and no fees. With a simple sign-up process, you may have your money growing for you in minutes.

Can you take money out of a high-yield savings account?

If you have excess money, your best chance is to put it in a high-yield savings account, which will enhance your savings while allowing you to access it if necessary. Consumers can withdraw or transfer funds from a high-yield savings account up to six times monthly without penalties.

What is the minimum deposit for a high-yield savings account?

Experts recommend accumulating three to six months’ living costs for an emergency fund. Housing, utilities, food, health care, and transportation are necessities. If your monthly costs are $3,000, you should save at least $9,000 to $18,000.

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