Do Renters Pay Property Taxes? Know the Fact [2024]

Wondering how much property tax you would pay as a tenant? Read the article for a more thorough analysis and to learn more about the topic.
Do Renters Pay Property Taxes
Do Renters Pay Property Taxes? Know the Fact [2024]
Find out if tenants are required to pay property taxes. Learn about possible indirect charges and look into further information.
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The most expensive asset a person can own is their home. Homeownership has many costs beyond the price of the home, such as property taxes.

Taxes on property can also vary depending on the location. What about the responsibility of paying these taxes? Meanwhile, check out Beem to file your federal and state taxes without any hidden charges and get the maximum refund.

Do Renters Pay Property Taxes?

Yes and No. Property taxes are not paid directly by renters, but part of their monthly rent is used to cover them. In other words, even if you don’t receive the bill now, part of your rent is likely paying it. 

Who Has to Pay?

The renter pays a monthly fee to live in someone else’s home, while the homeowner pays a monthly mortgage to eventually own the home. The homeowner pays taxes, while most landlords cover these expenses with rent.

Commercial Leases Determine Who Pays

A simple flat rent or annual lease is not the only type of commercial lease. Here are some other types of commercial leases. 

  • Net lease– Tenants are accountable for paying all or part of the landlord’s taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs in addition to their rent.
  • Double net lease – Rent is paid along with taxes and insurance.
  • Triple net lease – Rent, taxes, insurance, and maintenance are all paid by the tenant.
  • Percentage lease – A percentage of the tenant’s sales or profits is used to calculate the rent.
  • Fully-serviced lease – The rent includes utilities and other services that tenants would typically have to separately pay for (common in office buildings with multiple tenants).

Examples Of Property Tax Exemptions

Real estate taxes do not apply to certain types of properties. The list includes properties owned by nonprofits, religious organizations, and governments. STAR (the School Tax Relief program) is available to veterans, senior citizens, and those eligible for STAR. There is usually an application process for exemptions.

Also, individuals with low incomes are often exempt from paying taxes. It depends on your financial situation, home state, and even your local municipality, which exemptions you qualify for.

Do Commercial Renters Pay Property Tax?

No, property tax is payable to homeowners, no matter what type of property. Real estate investors renting out space would be responsible for the property’s taxes.

Why You Should Care About Property Taxes as a Renter?

Schools, community areas, parks, fire protection, and street maintenance can be funded by property taxes, which are the most reliable source of revenue for local governments. 

The revenue collected through property taxes will directly affect a community’s well-being and functionality. On both a personal and governmental level, property taxes can negatively affect the well-being of residents. Hence, it is vital to be careful about property tax, even as a renter.


No matter how small or large the amount, property taxes affect all of us. However, renters do not have to pay for the upkeep of their apartments. Renters considering homeownership should be aware of the cost of ownership and carefully consider their decision. Homeowners can profit from selling their properties if they can commit to owning a home for the long term.


Do tenants pay local property taxes?

You are responsible for LPT if your lease is for twenty years or more. You are not responsible for LPT if you rent a property from your local government.

What is the California property tax rate?

Property tax rates in California might differ, but they all begin at a base rate and increase by a certain percentage. The typical property tax rate in the Golden State is one percent of the property’s assessed value plus any bonds, fees, and special charges the voters impose.

What Is the Cost of Renter’s Insurance?

Where you reside affects how much a renter’s insurance costs. Renters frequently pay higher premiums in crowded cities. However, if you owned your own house, it would be far less expensive than buying insurance.

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