Does Arizona Have an Estate Tax?

Explore more about Arizona’s inheritance tax or estate tax. We address inheritance tax complexities, outline federal exemption, and advise you to seek tailored assistance from an Arizona estate planning expert. It also highlights Arizona’s forthcoming property tax law.
Does Arizona have an estate tax?
Does Arizona Have an Estate Tax?
Arizona's estate tax is mainly absent, providing residents some respite. Arizona has not imposed state estate taxes since 2005, joining the 38 states that do not. Discover whether estate, beneficiaries, or heirs are included in this category.
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It is very natural for many questions to arise about estate taxes when planning your estate and probate administration of an estate. Does Arizona have an Estate tax? You will be glad to know that the State of Arizona does not generally imply an inheritance or estate tax. However, beneficiaries, heirs, or an Arizona estate may still owe some taxes in particular situations. The nitty-gritty of an estate, along with the nature, valuation, and location of your assets in the estate, decides whether the estate, beneficiaries, or heirs fall under the ambit of tax or not.

Is There an Estate Tax in Arizona?

The majority of people need clarification about inheritance tax and estate tax. However, these terms cannot be used interchangeably. While the estate taxes are charged directly from the estate after the assets have been allocated to beneficiaries, the inheritance taxes are applied to people who inherited money. Arizona is one of the 38 states that does not have an estate tax on residents. Choose Beem’s tax filing service that guarantees maximum refund and 100% accuracy without any hidden costs.

Has Arizona Ever Had an Estate Tax in the Past?

Arizona had no state estate taxes effective January 1, 2005. Before this, like all other states, Arizona used to “pick up taxes” from the estates of departed citizens in case they owed federal estate taxes, too.

Are There Any Recent Changes in Arizona’s Estate Tax Laws?

Federal estate tax exemption amounts are significant. However, the most recent update occurred in 2005. The exemption amount is rising yearly, which is currently USD 11.7 million. It is possible to bequeath the rest of your estate to your spouse and shelter the remaining USD 1.7 million if you are married.

Who Can Help Me Navigate Estate Tax Issues in Arizona?

Getting an inheritance from your relative who lives in another state may subject you to the inheritance tax laws of that state. A case in point is that Pennsylvania imposes an inheritance tax on out-of-state heirs. If uncertain, you should talk with an Arizona estate planning attorney.

Is There Any Pending Legislation in Arizona Regarding Estate Taxes?

Proposition 130, an amendment to the Arizona Constitution to exempt property taxes, appeared on the ballot in Arizona on November 8, 2022. A vote was taken to approve the measure.

Voters who voted “yes” supported allowing the legislature to set specific property tax exemption amounts and qualifications (including exemptions for widows and widowers, disabled veterans, and those with total and permanent disabilities) and combining the constitution’s property tax exemption articles into a single article.

There were no votes in favor of allowing the legislature to set specific property tax exemption amounts and qualifications and merging the constitution’s property tax exemption provisions into one.

Are There Any Exemptions Related to Estate Tax in Arizona?

Since Arizona does not impose an estate tax, there is no exemption limit for gift taxes. Due to their similar rates and lifetime exemption amounts, estate, and gift taxes are commonly viewed as identical.


Once your estate is settled, your successors might have to pay tax on the revenue generated by your income-generating assets, such as rental properties or stocks. If the value of a property has increased from the time of your death until the settlement of your estate, the same taxes may apply. Beem helps you file taxes for all income brackets and optimizes your refund.

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