Does Canning Save Money? 

You are tired of having store-bought canned food and started canning at home. But are you wondering, “Does canning save money?” Let’s dive into this topic and answer your queries.
Does canning save money
Does Canning Save Money? 
Canning can be used for various high-acid foods like fruits and pickles, as well as low-acid foods like vegetables, meats, and soups. All methods guarantee to last a long time when the jars are kept in a cool and dark place.
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We’ve all done canning at least once in our lives without knowing how helpful it is when saving money. Today, with all sorts of equipment and recipes available, you can easily tackle inflation with homemade cooking and canning.

Canning is a smart technique for preserving food by sealing it in containers, not in your usual Tupperware but in glass jars to prevent the food from rotting. First, you clean your vegetables, peel them, and then chop them. Next, boil it to get rid of any contaminants like bacteria or yeast. Once the food gets cooled down, store it in airtight containers. This process allows food to be stored for extended periods without refrigeration.

But does it save money? Yes, canning is definitely worth it. It helps you save money in the long run, as you buy your groceries in bulk and save it for later use. These days, store-bought canned and pre-packaged food is trending all over the world. However, when you make them at home, it saves you a ton of money and you can make as many batches as you want. You can reuse them at your convenience. You only need to spend on jars, lids, and canners.  

Understanding Canning

Canning can be used for various high-acid foods like fruits and pickles, as well as low-acid foods like vegetables, meats, and soups. Every method is guaranteed to last a long time when the jars are kept in a cool and dark place. You must learn the techniques and safety precautions to attain successful canning. 

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Initial Costs Of Canning 

First, you need to purchase jars, which can range from $7.99-$30, depending on the brand and quality. Of course, you will use all the jars for many items, and they will be of good use. In addition to that, you may also have to incur some initial expenses for ingredients and resources like vinegar, salt, sugar, and recipe guides. You can also look up on the internet and find good recipes. 

Recurring Costs Of Canning 

Another advantage of this process is that the items are reusable. If you finish off a jar, you can use it to store another canned item, and so on. The only recurring cost here is the fresh produce and other additional ingredients required for the canning process. The recurring costs are pretty modest and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis 

When you want to calculate the cost and benefit of the canning process, you need to consider both the initial investment and the ongoing costs along with the market price. Here is a complete guide to the cost-benefit analysis: 


  1. Initial investments where you need to purchase canning equipment 
  2. Recurring costs which involve produce and additional ingredients for canning 


  1. Savings: Canning allows you to store seasonal produce and bulk purchases. You can use these items when the season ends and when prices skyrocket. This will help you save money in the long run. 
  2. Reduced waste: When you preserve excess produce, you reduce food wastage by making use of whatever you have. 
  3. Control: You have control over the ingredients used in your canned goods. This will allow you to customize your own recipes according to your taste buds and dietary preferences.
  4. Cheaper than pre-packaged food: The entire process of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of canned goods makes it expensive for an average buyer to splurge on canned food at the grocery store. You can save that money and make your canned food at home. 

Canning is extremely cost-effective if you have access to fresh produce and like to eat food according to your liking. Personalize it with your own recipes and you can enjoy it for the rest of the year.

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Factors That Influence Savings 

Several factors influence the savings achieved through canning:

  1. Cost of ingredients: Since you purchase ingredients in bulk or during the season, you end up paying less.
  2. Cost of equipment: Another factor that will influence your savings is maximizing your portions. Canning larger portions of produce will benefit more than small batches of canning.
  3. Quality: When you purchase high-quality produce, it will last a long time and will taste better than average-quality produce.

To maximize your savings, purchase produce in bulk or grow it in your garden. You can also reuse all the equipment you’ve purchased for multiple batches to minimize your expenses. 

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Break-Even Point 

The break-even point in canning refers to the point where the total savings from canning your own food matches the total investment you made while buying ingredients, equipment, and other associated spending. To calculate the break-even point, you would need to consider:

Complete initial investment 

Sum up the costs of purchasing canning equipment, including jars, lids, bands, a canner, and any additional initial expenses for ingredients and resources. You also need to estimate the ongoing expenses for ingredients, replacement lids and bands, and other supplies needed for canning.

Savings from canning 

Calculate the savings achieved through canning by comparing the cost of your canned goods against the store-bought ones of equal quality and quantity over time. Once you have these numbers, you’ll know how much to make the next time and when you will reach the break-even point.

Additional Benefits Of Canning 

Along with the cost savings, the process of canning gives you additional benefits like:

Preserving the freshness of the produce. When you can get all the items at the peak of their freshness, it locks in all the essential nutrients while getting rid of yeast, mold, and harmful bacteria. 

You have complete control over taste, quantity, and quality. Customizing the flavor allows you to add your own touch to these dishes. 

These home-canned goods also make great personalized and thoughtful gifts for friends and family. 

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Tips For Maximizing Savings 

Here are some tips to maximize your savings:

  1. Avoid lifestyle inflation and shop smart
  2. Reduce food waste
  3. Reuse jars and other equipment 
  4. Keep track of the cost of ingredients and supplies to determine the cost per jar of canned goods. 

Canning vs. freezing vs. drying 

To can your items, you need jars and lids to store acidic food in a dark and cool place. You also need jars and a freezer to freeze your food.

Another unique way of storing food is drying it using the dehydration method. In this method, you wash the food and soak it in lemon or salt. Then, you place it on a drying rack under direct sunlight. You can also oven-dry it to quicken the process. 

All three methods work incredibly well and don’t alter the flavor of the food. You can choose the method favorable to you based on the equipment available, how much space you have to store the jars, and whether you have a freezer at home.


To sum up, canning is a valuable food preservation method that extends the shelf life of perishable goods. It allows for safe storage of foods, retains nutritional value, and reduces food waste. It also helps you save money. You have to focus on proper techniques and equipment. If you master that, you can enjoy the benefits of home canning any time of the year. 

You can also use Beem, the Super App, to track all your expenses, bills, and subscriptions in one place. You can also save money on taxes and make life affordable for you and your loved ones.


Is canning a good way to save money?

Yes, it’s a great way to save money. You can use the resources available in the market without having to spend extra on mass production, labeling, and packing, as you do for store-bought items. 

How much money can I save by canning? 

Calculate ounce by ounce to find out how much money can be saved through canning. Include the cost of ingredients, recurring costs, equipment costs, and frequency of canning. 

Is it worth canning your food? 

Many people find canning therapeutic and satisfactory as they decide what goes in the recipe. It’s a healthy alternative to processed food at the supermarket. 

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