What to Pack in Your Emergency Bag: 9 Must-Have Items

it is necessary that you prepare the bag in advance and make sure that you include items that you can use multiple times. An emergency bag can come in handy in more ways than one. Here’s our list.
emergency go to bag
What to Pack in Your Emergency Bag: 9 Must-Have Items
Emergencies can hit anytime, anywhere and in any form. Whether you are stuck or you have to stand on the roof of your house, it is necessary that you have everything you need in your emergency go-to bag.
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We never know when emergency strikes, it can be a hurricane, it can be a fire situation, it can be anything. Well, whatever the situation is, you need to prepare for yourself and your family as well. The best way to do that is to prepare an emergency bag with essentials so that if anything happens, you can stay calm and ensure the safety of your family members.

Whether you get relief or you have to stand on the roof of your house, it is necessary that you have everything you need. For that, it is necessary that you prepare the emergency kit in advance and make sure that you include items that you can use multiple times instead of just once. Now that we have stated the basics, let’s get started with what you should include in your emergency go-to beg!

Food items 

Now obviously if you are stuck in an emergency, it is necessary that you keep yourself at least a little bit full. For that, you can add food items that are not perishable to your bag. For example, you can include chips or protein bars that do not perish in the long run. 

Also include items that can keep you full for a longer time and can provide you with high calories and energy. For example, an ER emergency food bar lasts more than 3 days. Make sure that your food doesn’t take a lot of space and you can add other necessary items in just one bag.


You can survive without food for a few weeks, but without water, it is tough to survive even a few days. It is important that you include an extra bottle of water in your bag. Though never include boiled water, always opt for filtered water. Also, learn techniques to clean your water on your own. 

If you are drinking running water then make sure that you have collected it from a wild area. You can also add a thin towel to filter your water. If you cannot add more bottles of water, make sure that you have tools using which you can use to clean water collected from a wild area or in a concrete jungle.

Medical items

This is basically because you never know what comes your way and whether you get yourself hurt. As a result, it is best that you have a bag of medicine in your emergency go-to bag. It can contain your prescribed drugs or normal medication and a safety kit. 

Also if you are suffering from any diseases such as asthma or have any allergies, it is best that you put the search medicines inspired in your emergency go-to bag.

Clothing items 

Because it’s an emergency go-to bag, you should include clothes that can last for a long time and can protect you from heat, winter, or rain. For example, you can add shirts, sweatpants, jeans, etc. to your bag. 

Also always put comfortable shoes or sneakers in your go-to bag so you stay comfortable for a long period of time.

Money is necessary

It is never doubting to add some extra cash to your emergency go-to bag. It will always come in handy except when you are traveling to a place where you can’t use money, like a wild forest. 

Also, make sure that you also carry some change along with notes in your emergency bag. It will save you if you can’t find an ATM nearby.

Extra cell phone charger

We always have a phone with us, so no point in missing it in case of an emergency. But what we can miss is the charger while leaving the house.

Thus, you should always keep an extra charger in your go-to bag. Also, if you have any spare phone that you are no longer using, you can place it in your emergency bag with its charger.

Carry your own heat resources

You have already put sweatshirts and jackets in your emergency go-to bag, but in case you still feel cold or are in some troublesome situation, you can use these heat resources to keep yourself warm. 

For example, you can put in some extra garbage bags which you can wrap around yourself if it’s too cold. It will also help you stay dry.

A knife 

This is always a good idea to have in an emergency go-to bag. A knife can be helpful for you as a tool as well as a protecting shield. It can be your lifesaver in a troublesome situation whether to cut something or to use it as your self-defense. You can also add a razor to your emergency bag.

ID proofs

It is always good to have copies of your IDs in your bag. In case of fire when unfortunately you lose your house, and that destroys your original IDs, having some copies can help you out. Claiming for benefits or relief won’t be possible without having IDs. So it’s a must. 

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