Apple (AAPL) iOS is an operating system by Apple Inc. It is exclusive for Apple products like iPhone, iPad, etc. It’s the second-most popular operating platform (OS) in the world after Android.

What is Apple iOS?

App developers create apps on iOS using a software development kit (SDK) developed by the company. These apps are available for download on the iOS app store. 

In June 2021, Apple iOS had a 26.3% share in the mobile phone market behind Android that had a 73.3% market share. iOS is an acronym for iPhone Operating System. It is based on Mac OS used by the Mac computers. It’s a Unix-derived operating system widely accepted by everyone for its user-centric design and efficacy. Since its launch in 2007, iOS devices have generated $1 trillion in revenue for Apple. 

How was it created?

The first version of iOS saw its release on the first iPhone in 2007. It was the first time we saw a complete touch-screen smartphone, a notable cultural change from flip phones and QWERTY keyboard mobile phones. It was the first time a smartphone had a camera, internet browser and media player in a single device apart from phone and messaging. 

Apple iOS applications

iOS devices come preinstalled with a variety of Apple-developed apps including Mail, Maps and TV. You can also download more from the App Store for your phone or tablet – there are over 500,000 available. The apps undergo strict security protocols before they are on the App Store.

FaceTime, Apple’s video chatting application, came in iOS 4. iOS4 also introduced the capability to multitask. 

Siri, iMessage, and the iOS Notification Center saw their introduction in iOS 5. Soon, the iPhone became a powerful smartphone with futuristic features like Airdrop, Touch ID, Apple Pay, and Apple Maps. The latest update release of iOS and iPadOS is 15.2.


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