How to be financially responsible with your money

Learning to be a responsible person in life is crucial to being financially responsible. All-round development is vital to having a healthy relationship with money. Here’s how you can protect yourself and your loved ones with responsible financial management.
How to be financially responsible with your money
Many people want to learn how to handle money better. To do that, you need to learn how to be responsible in life, be accountable for your actions and plan your future right. Being responsible is not something you’re born with. Rather, it’s a skill you have to learn as you go through life. Of course, it’s not mandatory, but being responsible will go a long way in how others perceive and treat you.
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A critical life skill that even many experienced adults find difficult to master is being responsible with money. Without a good role model to teach you and guide you from a young age, it is almost impossible to learn how to handle money wisely. If you learn to be financially responsible with your money, you will also become responsible in life and go miles in your success journey.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up and resign yourself to a poor relationship with your finances. There are ways in which you can learn on your own and become good at handling money. A lot of it has to do with becoming a responsible person as well. 

Let’s go through various aspects of being responsible – with money, in life, at home, and at work. 

Show your money you can be financially responsible

Money is not everything in life. We have so much to be thankful for. But in a world where money is an integral and vital part of our lives, it is essential to know how to earn money well, understand your financial and future goals, invest wisely, and save up for the future. when our finances are not alright, it affects everything we do. 

Money problems cause untold worries and anxiety in many people all over the world, leading to frustration, anger, and even worse, mental and physical illnesses. 9 out of 10 Americans say that money issues directly affect their stress levels. All these problems make it imperative that you have a sound relationship with money. 

So, here are a few habits or traits of someone who is responsible with money, traits that you can follow to handle your finances better: 

Learn to make a budget

Budgeting is one of the basic and most important skills of financial maturity. It is a great way to keep track of your income and expenses. Hence, it’s one of the best methods to keep yourself financially accountable. There are various budgeting methods you can choose from. One of the most popular ones is the 50/30/20 rule. 50% of your post-tax income is set aside for your needs, 30% for your wants, and 20% for savings and debt repayment. 

Pay down debt

Another trait of financially responsible people is that they pay off debt as soon as they can. You should always know exactly how much you owe. Then, make a plan to pay off the outstanding amount every month within the shortest possible time. The debt snowball and debt avalanche methods are two of the most commonly used debt repayment strategies used by people who have multiple outstanding debts. 

Live within your means

Simply put, it means spending less than you earn. Don’t spend more money than you have at any given point in time. That means not living on credit. If you have to keep aside your credit cards for a few months till you get your finances on track, do it. Even if you use a credit card, you must always know how much credit you’re using so that you have enough in the bank to pay off your bills every month. What better way to show your money how financially responsible you are.

Build your savings

Saving for the future is a vital part of being financially responsible. Aim at saving at least 10% to 20% of your income every month for your future. Keep part of this money in a high-yield savings bank account and invest the rest of it wisely. The sooner you start, the more time you will have to build your wealth. 

Set up an emergency fund

Saving for the future alone is not enough. You need to set up an emergency fund as well, containing about 6 to 10 months’ worth of expenses. This way, if an emergency does come up, you won’t have to break into your savings and exhaust them. Your emergency fund will be able to cushion the sudden financial blow and help you be more financially responsible with your money. For more on how to have a healthy financial life, read our blogs.

How to be responsible in life 

To be responsible in life is to take charge of your life, and make your own choices on how to act, say, and behave. When you make your own choices is when you really take control of your life. simply reacting to what others say or do doesn’t really make you responsible since it’s a skill that you need to develop on your own. Here are a few traits of responsible people: 

  • They are always on time. Punctuality is a very admirable trait. It shows that you have respect for not only your own time but that of others as well.
  • They admit and accept their mistakes. A responsible person knows that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. 
  • They seek to continuously learn. You must have a thirst to continuously learn from every situation in life. It’s the best way to develop yourself. 
  • They look to solve problems rather than blame others. Nothing productive comes out of blaming others all the time. Looking to solve problems and make situations better is what sets you apart from others. 

Being responsible in life also makes you responsible in other matters such as handling money, and how you behave at work and at home. 

How to be responsible at home

Home is the central place from where your early personal development starts. As close as the home is to our hearts, it is the one thing most of us unknowingly sacrifice among everything else in pursuit of our goals. Here’s how you can strike a balance between your own life goals and home: 

  • Be more organized. This comes naturally to many people, but for others, it’s tough for others. Being organized can help you be more responsible around the house, making life easier for your family. 
  • Don’t forget your promises. A responsible person always strives to keep their promises. While trying to keep up with work or life goals, you may break promises made to your kids or partner willingly. Don’t do this. Show your family how to be better.  
  • Apologize when you make a mistake or when you’re wrong. The ego that comes with being the family’s breadwinner can destroy relationships if left unchecked. 

How to be responsible at work

We spend a lot of our time at the workplace. So here are a few tips on how to be responsible at work: 

  • It is important to understand your job. Unless you know exactly what is expected of you at work, you will not be able to function efficiently. Understand your job responsibilities and focus your energy on getting them done in the best way possible. 
  • Learn to communicate effectively. Communication is important in the workplace. It avoids misunderstandings with co-workers and helps maintain team integrity. 
  • Take responsibility for your actions. It is okay to make mistakes at work. Learning on the job is important. If you do make mistakes, take responsibility for them. 

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