How to File Last Minute Taxes in States With July 31 Deadline

The deadline for filing taxes is fast approaching. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you complete the tax process accurately, efficiently and timely. Let’s act promptly to avoid tax penalties and interest charges. Read on to know more!
how to file last minute taxes in states with july 31 deadline
How to File Last Minute Taxes in States With July 31 Deadline
Before diving into the tax-filing process, it's essential to understand the significance of the July 31, 2023 tax deadline. Filing taxes after the deadline can lead to penalties and interest charges. Understanding the consequences of late filing can motivate you to file on time or seek an extension if necessary. Let's explore!
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Filing your taxes can be a hard task, and procrastination often leads us to a last-minute scramble. If you reside in a state with a tax deadline of July 31, 2023, there’s still time to meet your tax obligations responsibly. This article will guide you through the process of filing taxes when the deadline is fast approaching, ensuring you complete the process accurately and efficiently.

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Understanding the July 31, 2023 Tax Deadline

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to understand the significance of the July 31, 2023 tax deadline. This date is the deadline for filing your state taxes for certain states. Missing the tax deadline can result in tax penalties and interest charges, making it crucial to act promptly.

What States Qualify for the July 31 deadline?

The July 31 deadline applies to taxpayers affected by different disaster declarations in these states:

  • Three counties in Arkansas.
  • Thirteen counties in Indiana.
  • Seven counties in Mississippi.
  • Thirteen counties in Tennessee.

Gather All Necessary Documents

The first step in filing taxes is to gather all the necessary documents. This includes W-2 forms from employers, 1099s for any additional income, receipts for deductions, and any other relevant financial documents. Organize them in a systematic manner to avoid overlooking crucial information.

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Explore Available Tax Filing Options

There are several ways to file taxes, even at the last minute. You can choose to file online using tax preparation software like Beem, file by mail, or seek the assistance of a tax professional. Evaluate all the options available and choose the one that best suits you, your needs and time constraints.

Seek Professional Assistance, if Needed

If your financial situation is complex or you’re uncertain about certain tax aspects, seeking professional assistance might be a wise decision. Tax experts on Beem can help you navigate through intricate tax scenarios and ensure accurate filing.

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Utilize Online Tax Preparation Software

Online tax preparation software can be a lifesaver, especially when time is of the essence. Beem’s appropriate online tax-filing platform provides step-by-step guidance, ensuring you don’t miss any important deductions or credits. Moreover, we do the math for you, minimizing errors.

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Ensure Accuracy and Completeness

When filing taxes at the last minute, the rush can lead to oversight and errors. Double-checking your tax return for accuracy and completeness is crucial. Review all the entries and verify that you haven’t missed any deductions or credits that you qualify for.

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Avoid Common Mistakes

Filing taxes hastily can increase the likelihood of making mistakes. Some common errors include incorrect Social Security numbers, mathematical errors, and mismatched information. Stay vigilant and avoid these common pitfalls.

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Filing State Taxes for Multiple States

For those who live in one state but earn income in multiple states, filing taxes can become more complex. Determine the rules and regulations for each state and get professional advice if needed to ensure compliance. File taxes for multiple states with Beem. The platform also supports all forms and all combinations as well as all filing statuses.

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Requesting an Extension

If you find yourself unable to meet the July 31, 2023, deadline, consider requesting an extension. However, keep in mind that an extension only gives you more time to file, not more time to pay any taxes owed.

Paying Taxes Owed

If you owe taxes, it’s crucial to make the payment by the deadline, even if you’re filing for an extension. If you fail to pay your taxes on time, it can result in penalties and interest.

Tracking Your Tax Return

After filing your taxes, you may want to track the status of your tax return. The IRS provides online tools to check the progress and expected date of refund, if applicable. You can also file your taxes in the last minute with Beem and track your refund status faster.

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The Consequences of Filing Late

Filing taxes after the deadline can lead to penalties and interest charges. Understanding the consequences of late filing can motivate you to file on time or seek an extension if necessary.


Filing taxes at the last minute can be nerve-wracking, but with the right approach, it’s manageable. By gathering all necessary documents, exploring available filing options, and ensuring accuracy, you can successfully meet the July 31, 2023 tax deadline. If needed, seek professional assistance or file for an extension to avoid unnecessary penalties. Remember to pay any taxes owed by the deadline and keep track of your tax return’s progress. Meeting your tax obligations responsibly will provide you with peace of mind and keep you on the right side of the law. Use Beem to get a quick and accurate estimate of your federal and state taxes and get the maximum refund.

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What are the Penalties For Filing Taxes After the Deadline?

Late filing penalties typically amount to a percentage of the taxes owed and can increase over time. It’s essential to file as soon as possible to minimize these penalties.

Can I E-File My State Taxes After the Deadline?

In most cases, e-filing is available even after the deadline. However, if you owe taxes, you may incur late payment penalties. Missed your deadline? File for free with Beem and get a $10,000 IRS penalty protection.

What If I Don’t Owe Any Taxes?

If you don’t owe any taxes, filing after the deadline usually doesn’t incur penalties. However, it’s still essential to file as soon as possible to close your tax obligations.

Is It Better to File For an Extension or File on Time With Errors?

Filing on time with errors can result in penalties. It’s better to file for an extension and take the time to ensure accurate and complete filing. File error-free with Beem’s free online tax filing platform and get the maximum refund or your money back.

Can I Make Changes to My Tax Return After Filing?

If you realize you made an error on your tax return after filing, you can file an amended return to correct the mistake.

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