How To Get Approved For A Personal Loan: Some Easy Ways

Personal loans commonly cover significant expenses like a wedding or a surprise event like a funeral. In some instances, acquiring a personal loan is more affordable than using a credit card.
How To Get Approved For A Personal Loan: Some Easy Ways
Obtaining a personal loan can be a convenient solution for various financial needs. By understanding key factors such as interest rates, repayment plans, and credit scores, borrowers can make informed decisions to optimize the experience. Let's explore how to get approved for a personal loan!
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The list of reasons for getting a personal loan is endless. These reasons can range from student debts and paying off credit card loans to financing a new home or starting up that business idea you’ve always had. Whichever type of personal loan you need, there are certain things to remember before starting the process. Whether you apply through a banking institution, credit union, or online lender, this blog will explain how to get approved for a personal loan. Use Beem and get matched with the best personal loan offers for your needs in less than 60 seconds.

How to Get Approved for a personal loan?

After carefully considering the three factors, choosing the type of lender should be a priority. It will help you in determining how to get approved for a personal loan. You can make an online or in-person application, asking for your personal and financial details. Several options exist, including banks, credit unions, credit card companies, or online financial institutes.

Following the application process, an evaluation will be done based on the borrower’s employment status, proof of address, income level, existing debts, and overall credit score. These criteria will determine whether you get pre-approved for a loan. It should be noted that pre-qualification and pre-approval are two very different terms. Pre-approval is where the lender offers a conditional commitment agreeing to the terms. Pre-qualification states that the lender thinks there is a chance that the loan might be approved, but it is not inevitable. 

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Personal Loan?

Improving your chances of getting a personal loan involves proactive steps to improve your creditworthiness.

  • Borrowers can do this by paying debts promptly and maintaining a healthy debt-to-income ratio.
  • Another prominent method of boosting your chances of getting approved is by regularly checking and correcting any mistakes that might present in your credit report.
  • Thankfully credit scores are ever-changing depending on the frequency of your corrections. Therefore, consider waiting for your credit to improve before applying for a loan. Remember, frequent credit applications may harm your overall credit score.
  • Demonstrating a stable income and providing necessary documentation, such as tax returns, shows lenders you can repay the loan.

Having a cosigner with good credit or the ability to repay your loan could also improve your chances of getting personal loan approval.

When is the Right Time to Take a Personal Loan?

Determining the best time to apply for personal loan approval can take time and effort. However, to simplify the process, three critical aspects should be taken into consideration. These include: your credit score, the current interest rate, and perhaps the most overlooked point, the cost of the loan. Many borrowers often pay much more during their repayment plan because they need to consider the cost of the loan. 

Check your Credit Score

Your credit score is a three-digit number that lenders use to determine how you manage your finances and whether you can repay the loan comfortably. The stronger your credit score, the better your chances of getting your personal loan approval. 

Check the Current Interest Rate

Your interest rate will depend on numerous factors, including your credit score, loan amount, and repayment plan duration. Current interest rates in America can range from as low as approximately 6% to more than 30%, with an average of 11.23% for 24-month loans. To get the optimum interest rate possible, a borrower should have a good to excellent credit score and the fastest repayment plan possible. 

Determining the Cost of Loan

A simple formula exists for those that want to calculate their loans manually. Divide the annual interest rate by the loan amount and multiply it by the balance amount loaned to determine the cost before you apply for a loan. However, online personal loan calculators exist that simplify the calculations and ensure accurate results.


To conclude, how to get approved for a personal loan? Obtaining a personal loan can be a convenient solution for various financial needs. By understanding key factors such as interest rates, repayment plans, and credit scores, borrowers can make informed decisions to optimize the experience. Timing is crucial, considering three main factors: your credit score, current interest rates, and the overall cost of the loan. Borrowers can increase their likelihood of getting approval by selecting the right lender, providing accurate documentation, making responsible financial decisions, and showcasing a stable income. Beem uses only the necessary information you provide to match with the right personal loan offer to meet your needs.

With these strategies, you can enhance your chances of securing a personal loan and taking control of your financial future. Whether consolidating debt, financing a major purchase, or funding a personal event, a personal loan can be a valuable tool to meet your needs.

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